Football success

We are very proud of Scarlett and her football team Congleton Town, as last weekend they played in a tournament, there were 24 teams in total and Scarlett’s team finished 3rd overall. This was in the Congleton Chronicle which she has brought in to show the class. Well done Congleton Town.

DT/science project

This week Year 4 have been extremely busy working on a project. The children have learnt all about electricity during their science lessons and have put this to good use this week when being faced with a scenario.

The scenario was that – Elena is fed up with her baby brother coming into her bedroom and messing it all up, she wants to put an alarm on the door so she knows when he tries to go in. Can you design a battery-powered circuit for Elena to help her solve the problem?

The children worked hard to research how they could do this, spent time planning how they were going to do their design and finally made their alarm systems. Every group managed to make an alarm that sounded when a door was opened.

The children evaluated their designs and said what was good about them and how they could improve them next time, well done Class 4.

EYFS making a ‘Wormery’

This week we have continued our work about ‘Superworm!’ The children have created their very own wormery to watch and observe how worms make tunnels and holes into the soil.

The children had to make layers of soil and sand and then top the wormery with leaves and sticks.

The children are enjoying watching the worms make their tunnels now…

We have also made a story map of our own to help retell the story of ‘Superworm!’ We have been telling the story to our friends.