Stickman’s house…

In in our Trekking Tuesday session this week, we had to help Stickman! Previously, one of the children found Stickman in the woods and the children have shown a real interest in the story, which we have also used as part of the rhyme aspect of Phase One phonics. We decided we needed to build Stickman and his family a new stick house! We used our knowledge about length to find the rest of Stickman’s family from the sticks outside and then used our problem solving skills to decide which tree would make the best stick house and why.



Fact finders

Year 4 are loving their topic and have been researching about the different continents of the world. They planned questions and found the answers to them using a range of sources such as; atlases, non-fiction books and the Internet.


They worked really hard together.

This week in Nursery…

Another busy week in Nursery!

Here are just a few of the exciting things we have done this week; listened to environmental sounds, made our own ‘rhyming rocket’, made aliens using playdough, completed an obstacle course, met the baby chicks and had them for the whole day in Nursery, ordered items and people by height, made jet packs using our PD skills and then learnt about capacity using our problem solving skills… we then worked in pairs to fill our jet packs to the top, selecting appropriate containers to do so in the quickest time! We have had so much fun learning and playing this week!


Our Class Assembly!

On Monday the children in Year 1 were allowed to share what we have done this term with all our friends in school as well as everyone who came to watch! We had so much fun and are so happy you all enjoyed it. It meant a lot to the children that you were all able to come and watch them.

Baby Chicks!

This week, we have been very excited by some new arrivals in Reception… baby chicks! The chicks hatched earlier in the week and we were lucky enough to go and see them today. Before we went down to Reception, we watched a video of baby chicks hatching, we were all SO excited to see them in real life!

To Infinity and Beyond…

We have completed various activities to do with our Space themed topic this week. We used ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ in a maths focus session, taking it in turns to count the number of underpants on a washing line and then matching numerals to the quantity. We have been using our Talk for Writing text ‘Toys in Space’ to discuss feelings and senses, thinking about what the alien might be like when we finally met him in the story today! Our two year olds have been doing lots of lovely art work, making use of their fine and gross motor skills as well as their colour exploration. The pre-schoolers have also made their own spaceships and used watercolours to create their own representation of Space. Another action packed week in Nursery.

d Beyo

Stay and Play

On Thursday, we invited all of our parents to our Physical Development Stay and Play event. We used the hall to set up various fine and gross motor stations for parents to try with their children. Thank you to all of those who were able to attend.

Chinese New Year

On Monday, we celebrated Chinese New Year… the Year of the Rooster! We made our own spring rolls, we mixed the ingredients together with Chinese Five Spice and folded them into pastry, before baking them in the oven. We also learnt about the animals which represent each year and used the internet to find out which animal year we were all born in. We were either, snakes, sheep, pigs, horses or dragons!