Photograph Frames

These are the completed masterpieces we have made using the different sized sticks we collected from the woods on our ‘Trekking Tuesday’ session this week. We did an amazing job at joining the pieces together using string and our fine motor skills!

Space fun!

The rest of us got the chance to make star biscuits and rockets today… We all did a super job at cleaning up afterwards too!   

Rhyme time at the library

Yesterday we walked to the library. We thought carefully about how to stay safe on the roads and we were all very excited when we saw lots of diggers and workmen in town. We had so much fun singing and playing instruments at the library and even had the chance to read some books.  


Bird Feeders

Today has been a very cold day in our outdoor learning area.  The children were thinking about how cold it is for the animals outside.  So…this afternoon we decided to make bird feeders using cherrios and pipe cleaners. The children used the pipe cleaner to thread cherrios onto it and then they bent the pipe cleaner to make their bird feeder a shape. 

The children then went to the outdoor area to hang them in the trees for the birds to enjoy in the cold weather. 


Wednesday Welly Walk

This week the children have continued with story of Little Red Riding Hood in their Literacy lessons.  The children have read the next part of the story where Little Red Riding Hood is walking to her Grandma’s house through the woods.  We took the children to our school woods to find out what you can find in the woods, and learn about trees.

The children found out that in our woods there are leaves, tall trees, branches, and flowers beginning to grow.  The children looked at the trees and learnt that the trees have a trunk with bark on, branches and leaves. We made bark rubbings using wax crayons and paper. 


Talk for Writing… Toys in Space

This term our Talk for Writing text is ‘Toys in Space’. So far we have met the main characters, discussed what we think might happen, created character maps and also made our own toy shop in our maths area to sell the toys!

Today  we made Nursery dark and closed our eyes to think about how we feel at night time and what we might see if we looked up into the sky at night.   

Space maths!

In our maths focus session today, we each took it in turns to roll a dice, count the number of spots and attach the same number of stars to our sky. Some of the children even managed to roll the dice twice each and find the total before adding the stars on to their page.


Trekking Tuesday 

This morning on our weekly ‘Trekking Tuesday’ outing, we went up to the woods to complete different activities. Our 2 year olds completed their own art piece using natural resources and their physical development skills. The pre-school children had a different task! They were asked to collect straight sticks so that we could make our very own, natural photograph frames! We talked about the texture and length of the sticks, with some children ordering the sticks according to their length. Watch this space for the finished product!