Eco club

To celebrate our final week in Eco club before the half term, the children wanted to go outside and use leaves 🍁 to make faces. We wrapped up, went outside, they made faces, different animals from their house team and some even created nests for birds. We had lots of fun and it was great to see the children working together being so enthusiastic.

Into the Forest 🌳

In English this week we have been looking at the story ‘Into the Forest’. We have worked in groups to look at different pages of the story to try and work out what might happen. The Mum in the story tells the little boy to go the long way round to Grandma’s rather than through the forest, we created a conscience alley to give the boy advice of what to do. We added nouns, adjectives and verbs to the pictures and wrote down questions we’d like to know about the story. We were also introduced to the idea of personification and we worked together to make a class poem.





House Team Art Event

On Friday all of the teachers and children split into house teams and took part in an art day. Each team picked a different focus, one did tin forest, another did animals, Alice in Wonderland and paper dolls. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves!

The art work looks amazing, if you get chance take a few minutes to take a look!


In our science lessons this half term we have been learning about animals including humans. We have looked at skeletons of humans, animals, the scientific names of these and then moved on to muscles.

Last week we went outside and did different exercises, as we completed them we could feel our different muscles working.

Stone Age soup

Last week Year 3 had the chance to go cooking with Mrs Barnes, to link with our topic of Stone Age the children made Stone Age soup. They used mushrooms, onions, stock cube, milk and water. When they had made the soup we all tasted it and wrote instructions of how to make the soup.