The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The children in Foundation Stage love minibeasts! They are always looking for them.

The children have decided which mini beast they would like to find out more about. The children had a vote:

The winning minibeast was…The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We started our minibeast adventure about The Very Hungry Caterpillar by trying to work out who had been eating Miss Barber’s lunch one day. The children worked out it must have been the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the children enjoyed listening and learning the story using a story sack.

The children used the story to learn about the life cycle of a caterpillar.

The children had a very special delivery in the post; 5 tiny caterpillars. The children are enjoying watching them eat their food and grow bigger and bigger.

In one of our Forest School sessions on a Wednesday afternoon the children found leaves that the Hungry Caterpillar had been eating. We practiced our fine motor threading skills with these leaves.

We will have to wait and see what happens next to our caterpillars in the classroom.

Boreatton Park Day 3

The children started the day with a game of Wacky races. They had a range of challenges to complete whilst racing in teams.

Our final activity was Jacob’s ladder. Each child climbed the ladder whilst the other children were belaying.

The children have had a fabulous time at Boreatton Park. They have been amazing and we’re really proud of their achievements.

Boreatton Park Day 2

Today we started the day playing “Snap Shot” – a photograph version of a treasure hunt. Then we learnt a new game called aero ball – a mix between netball and trampolining.

After lunch, we went climbing. So many of the children reached the top! We then participated in an orienteering challenge. One of the teams had a little trouble with which way was north.

This evening we played real-life Cluedo! The children had to find clues from the PGL leaders in order to solve the mystery.

Boreatton Park Day 1

We’ve had a fabulous first day! We started with raft building in two teams. Team 1 built a raft based on a hot tub which didn’t quite stay together. Team 2’s was based on a catamaran design and was better constructed. Several of the children then played games in the lake.

In the afternoon, we played Splash which involved playing games to win resources. The aim was to build a contraption that held a water balloon so it didn’t pop when thrown from a height. If it didn’t pop, they could throw it at Oscar our PGL leader.

After School Allotment Club

Due to the success and the popularity of growing our own fresh produce we have been lucky enough to start up another allotment club after school.
We have been busy little bunnies running up and down collect and picking all manner of fruits and vegetables.

So far this year we have collected: Strawberries, purple mange tout, broad beans, lettuces, broccoli and potatoes.

At the end of the club we divide up the remaining produce and the children can take some home to try and cook with their tea.

Some of the children have been kind enough to show what they have done with them after returning home.

Yummy Yummy!!

Year 3 Children in the Industrial Revolution

For our topic this term the children have been learning all about the industrial revolution. This week we have learnt about what the children would have been up to. After a number of educated guesses and a number of the class thinking that they could put their feet up as school wasn’t compulsory and parents would let them stay home. They found that many children went to the work house. This grim and nasty place would make the children go out to work each day and then come back to a lovely stale piece of bread and some gruel. Yum Yum.

Some children would have to work down the mines in the dark with only a candle to see a short distance.

Some would have to work in the mills, which were mostly the cotton mills in Manchester.

Some would become chimney sweeps and have to climb up the dark soot filled stacks.

Some could work out in the sun all day on the farms with very little rest or shade.

Those children who came from families who owned land, ran a shop or owned a mill may be lucky enough to go to school. I think the children agree that our school is much better than in the 1800s.


On Monday afternoon as part of our science we made rockets and looked at the science behind how rockets get to space. The children mixed ENO powder with water, which is a fizzy powder. When we added the powder to water, it produces a harmless gas caked carbon dioxide. This is what makes fizzy drinks fizz. The gas builds up inside the rocket, building up pressure, until eventually the rocket is blasted off.

We had lots of fun! Some rockets went really high.

Astbury mere

This morning we have had our first session at astbury mere, it has been so much fun. We learnt how to build a raft, tie knots correctly and had fun trying them out in the water, lots of us ended up falling in the water.

Exploring the environment in the woods.

Foundation Stage went to the Woods on Wednesday for their ‘Wood Wednesday Session’ The children explored the woodland environment by having a treasure hunt looking for different objects we find in the woods. The children had to find 1 green leaf, 2 brown leaves, a pine cone and a small stick.

To finish our session we enjoyed the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. After the story we thought about what we had learnt about the character of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Franklyn Fox

Today Year 3 had a visitor from a very unique individual. A lady called Chloe read us a story called ‘Franklyn – No Ordinary Fox’. The children did some fantastic listening and asked amazing questions. However, Chloe was not alone. Listening carefully to the story and to the children, Franklyn Fox himself was hiding around the corner to surprise the children. They were all so excited to see Franklyn and they all gave him a high five.
What a fantastic surprise and Year 3 wish to say a big thank you.