Inflated Microorganism Experiment!

At first, our science experiment didn’t go too well. We followed the instructions right, we added the right amount of yeast, water and sugar. We changed the temperature between the three beakers, one boiling, one warm and one cold. We didn’t know why we didn’t succeed until the Best Before date on the yeast we were using was spotted. 2012! After lunch, we retried the experiment. The result was outstanding!


Teddy Bear’s Picnic

This morning we made our own Teddy Bear’s Picnic! We all made our own sandwich and marshmallow bears to eat at snack. We have all loved our topic about bears and the woods this term.   

Ready, steady, cook!


Today we went to Eaton Bank High School to take part in a Ready, Steady, Cook competition. Bethany represented Marlfields as part of the red team. Each team was given a set of ingredients and a recipe to follow. They had to cook their food in only 15 minutes. Bethany prepared and cooked chicken curry and fragrant rice which tasted delicious. Brilliantly, red team won by three votes. Well done Bethany!

Bear maths

Today in maths we went outside to find numbered bears in the right order. Each of the bears had a question on it for us to answer! We had to record how many of each thing we could see by drawing lines next to the right picture.