Quidditch at Marlfields

Today at Marlfields we had our second Quidditch tournament. The children were amazing and all played their very best. The Mighty Marlfields spirit was certainly with us today.

The children then waited eagerly to find the results and who were the ultimate winners.

Well done to the Yellow team who scored the most points.

Stable Structures

Today, Year 1 worked as a team to create their own stable structures following a brief. The structures needed to have a door, a ramp, and they needed to be able to hold a toy car. The children worked extremely hard to create their toy garages using a variety of different skills.

Year 4 Science – switches

During our exploration and investigations of electricity we have learnt about direct current and static electricity, complete circuits, bulbs, motors, wires, conductors and insulators.
This week we have asked ourselves why we use switches, what kinds of switches we know of and use and what would happen if we didn’t have the use of switches.
The children then attempted to make their own switches. Creating circuits and using a buzzer the children had to creat a switch for a science quiz at the end of the day.

Vicious Viking Jewelry

Yesterday, we researched different Viking Jewelry, we then sketched different designs into our Art sketchpads and we chose to design our own based on the styles we have found.

Today, we followed our designs from the previous day and recreated them out of clay. Using different tools we were able to sculpt our jewelry using the clay into our different designs and show them off to the rest of the classes.

Year 4 Geography

Ove the part few weeks year 4 have been studying and learning all about Europe. Alongside this we have started a new book, Miranda the Explorer, where a young girl has become lost while flying in a hot air balloon. The children were given clues around the room to locate where in the world Miranda could be. However, these clues were not written down, using our computing skills the children were given hidden QR codes to scan and find the location of Miranda.

After hunting high and low for the clues they managed to find that Miranda had landed in Russia.

Year 5 Fire Safety

Yesterday we were visited by Congleton Fire Service to teach us about Fire Safety. Ashton modelled the safety gear that fire fighters use.

We were taught that we need working smoke alarms on all levels in our home; close all doors at night and the importance of having a Fire Saction Plan. We were also advised to turn all electical items off; tidy away anything on the floor and take a mobile phone to bed.

Fire Action Plan 1

  • check the door for heat
  • go to your parents room
  • wake others up
  • go straight outside
  • call 999

Fire Action Plan 2

If there is a block escape route:

  • check the door for heat
  • go to your parents’ room
  • crawl low
  • escape through the window

Fire Action Plan 3

  • check your bedroom door for heat, if it is hot:
  • block gaps around the door
  • shout out of the window

After this, we went in to the smoke tent so that we could experience how it is better to crawl under the smoke. It was difficult to see when we were stood up but clearer when we we low to the floor.

Growing Cress!

This week Year 1 have learnt about what a plant needs to grow. We enjoyed the sunshine and planted our own cress seeds. We have created diary’s so that we can observe our plants over time. Watch this space to see how tall they grow!

EYFS to the Rescue!

Yesterday, some children found a Bee in our outdoor area not feeling too good. The children asked why the bee was not flying in the sky. We explained that the Bee had not got enough energy to fly and we needed to help it. The children made some sugary water and gave it to the bee. It helped the Bee and the children saw the bee fly away a few moments later.