Year 1 Pod

Today Year 1 have written some questions they want to ask about next year. We talked about how we needed question marks at the end of our questions and what phonic sounds we need to use.

Dragon Races

In Maths this week we have based our learning around the story of Zog by Julia Donaldson.

As part of their work the children have made Zog dragon masks and then today we have had Dragon flying lessons and measured the short periods of time using a stopwatch.

Year 1 Home Learning

Naomi has been busy completing DT lessons by recycling her old clothes to make a dress for her doll.
Tobias has written some wonderful phonic sentences and words and has remembered his capital letters and full stops.
Scarlett has completed a fantastic collage of flowers using lots of different materials she found around her home.

Year 1 Pod

This week we have been very busy completing phonics, maths, science and PSHE. In phonics we have been writing sentences and for science we went on a listening walk around the field and the pond. It has been lovely to have a busy classroom again.