Year 4 – Art

Over the past few week the children have been working with salt dough to make their own Chinese inspired dragons.

The children started by mixing flour, salt and water to make a dough. They then use tools to shape and sculpt the dough into the dragon shapes. We then carved different patterns and shapes into our dough to add detail to our dragons.

After leaving them to air dry and then baking them they were then solid enough to paint and add further detail.

We looked at the Neolithic art style of the Ancient Chinese using the colours and patterns our dragons were ready to be decorated.


This afternoon Mr Ward taught a PE lesson, the children had a great time and learnt some new skills too.

Holden brought a cake in to share for his birthday so the children each enjoyed a piece of this after PE. Thank you Holden, enjoy the rest of your birthday.

Footstep Friday

This week in Early Years we have been looking at the story of The Naughty Bus. The children have been developing storylines in their pretend play with our role play bus station and bus.

Then today we have had a very exciting Welly Walk to find buses in our local town. We even found red buses just like The Naughty Bus.

Tuesday Afternoon in Year 2

This afternoon Year 2 have been busy in their computing and art sessions.

The children began the afternoon working on their copy and paste skills on the laptop creating their very own poetry books using poetry from the internet.

The children then continued their artwork on the Mona Lisa. They used watercolours to mix and blend to create their own backgrounds.

Year 4 World Religions

This half term we have begun to look at ‘celebration’, what it means to celebrate and why it is so significantly important.
We look at the celebration of Passover and why it is so important to religious communities.

They children were able to recall the Seder Plate which we look at back in Year 3 and how we were to remember the past.

Today we looked back at the story of where it all began and role played the Exodus from Egypt and the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

The mighty Pharaoh of Egypt ruled over the slaves commanding them.
Moses spoke up for his people and said “Let my people go!” But Pharaoh refused.
Moses prayed to God to help him and his people be free.
God heard Moses’ prayer and sent the 10 plagues: The waters ran as blood, frogs, gnats, flies, killing of livestock, boils, hail, locust, darkness and death of the first born.
Pharaoh had enough and let Moses and his people free.
Pharaoh soon changed his mind and set out after Moses and the Israelites and had almost caught them when Moses prayed for a miracle. Parting the Red Sea.
Pharaoh followed Moses across the parted Red Sea but before they could reach them the Israelites were saved by God and Pharaoh and his men were all washed away.


On Friday afternoon, in science the children looked at a range of materials and made predictions about whether they thought they were magnetic, electrical conductors or metal/non mental.