On Tuesday, Year 5 were really lucky to be invited to Eaton Bank Academy to learn how to trampoline. We all worked really hard and learnt lots of techniques. We were amazed at Natasha’s amazing skills. She was so good that she completed a GCSE routine with 10/10! Well done Natasha!



















Music and Movement

On Thursday, we had a morning of music and movement activities. We all played different musical instruments and sang songs. We then did some dancing to the ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ songs and routines that we have learnt this year.  


Huff and Puff

We started the week using a non-fiction book to research about pigs. 

We have made pig cakes using our fine motor skills.


We have thought about the different materials the pigs used to build their houses and we sorted a collection of materials into three groups – wood, plastic and metal. 

We then researched about wolves using a webpage and then recorder our information on a fact page. 

In the afternoon we had a go at huffing and puffing to make our own blow painting pictures. 


We have carried out a science investigation for the three pigs. We investigated which material is the best to build a house from and then the big bad wolf came along to test them. 








This afternoon, Key Stage 2 were treated to a production of Macbeth. Then afterwards the actors and actress answered some of our questions.  

 Can you remember who wrote Macbeth?  


Making a scarecrow.

As part of our farm topic, we have been learning about scarecrows and what they do. Today we made our very own scarecrow and decided to call him ‘Eddie’! We cut a circle for his head and then drew on eyes,  cut out a triangle for his nose and gave him a mouth.

We then attached straw to his head for hair and a triangle shaped bag for his hat. We dressed him in waterproof clothes so that he can stay outside and protect the seeds that we are going to plant.

Once Upon A Time…

We have started learning about the story of The Three Little Pigs.

We started the week by making WANTED posters to catch The Big Bad Wolf. 

We then started thought about the different characters in the story and created character maps. 

We also made our very own pig finger puppet. 

We also started to think about the three different houses the pigs made to live in. 

Do you like our new Little Pig Builders Role play area? 

Class 4 at Tattenhall

Wow, what a fantastic time we all have had at Tattenhall this week!

An artist, Mrs Dixon, came and did some clay work with us based around our topic, the Ancient Egyptians. We all made our own Egyptian figure and had great fun working with the clay! 

 The next day, a dance instructor taught us a dance to Egyptian music. We can’t wait to show you it in our class assembly!


Class 4 Science Experiment Results

Class 4 conducted an experiment to see which drinks would have an affect on their teeth. We used eggs as the eggs shells would act like the enamel on our teeth and put the eggs in a different liquid (coke, orange juice and water) for a week. 

Here are our results: 

Coke- the egg shell became stained.

Orange juice- the egg shell had been completely broken down in places and we could see and feel the egg white underneath. 

Water- no change.

This showed us that water is the healthiest drink to have for our teeth.