Tattenhall Day 1, Part Un

Wow! After counting down since the beginning of year 3 we’ve finally arrived. We’ve begun our time here by having snack, organising into our rooms and playing in the adventure playground while the boys play football with Mr Rowe. 























 Next stop lunch and our visitor artist.  


Hand print animals.

Today in Nursery we all chose an animal and thought about what colour card to use.We then drew around our hand and cut it out. We then cut a circle for the head and then stuck the head on added eyes and a mouth.   

This week in Nursery…

This week we have learnt about ‘Chinese New Year’ and made our own good luck lanterns. We have also made our own pancakes, and we all enjoyed eating them! During our ‘Wood Wednesday’ time we went on a superhero hunt in the woods. We had to use our ‘Shirley Sharp Eyes’ and our mark making skills to show what we had found. 


Our Superhero Celebration Morning…

This morning in Nursery, we invited all of our grown ups in to see what we have been learning about in our ‘Superhero’ topic this term. We had lots of  indoor and outdoor activities,  performed our ‘Supertato’ story using our story map and we had a visit from the Chronicle.   We hope that everyone had as much fun as all of the children and staff did!










































































Class 4 Teeth Investigation!

Class 4 are investigating teeth and what factors can affect them. We are using hard boiled eggs to test what liquids affect the shell as it acts like the enamel on our teeth. We are using water, orange juice and coke. The children have predicted which liquid will cause the most damage after 5 days of the eggs being in the liquid. Which do you think?  


Water resistance boats

On Monday 4th January, 6 teams made their own boats to investigate the effects of water resistance. Team 4’s boat won and Team 1 lost. Team 1 had a little problem because their boat tipped over. We put a bit of Plastercine inside them. We used Nursery’s water tray to test the boats and have a race. Most of the boats were really good and reduced water resistance

IMG_0557.JPG. IMG_0524.JPGIMG_0562.JPGIMG_0554.JPGIMG_0543.JPG