Today we have been talking about the cold weather and our new focus season ‘Winter’. Water was left outside overnight to see what would happen to it. When we looked today, it had frozen into big pieces of ice! 


Google Expeditions 

Last Wednesday afternoon we were given a treat as Google came in to let us try using Google Expeditions using a VR headset. We were able to travel to space with the help of some virtual reality.     













Fire Safety/Smoke Tent

Yesterday, Year 5 had a visit from John, a fireman from Cheshire Fire and Safety, to talk to us about keeping safe and demonstrate just how quickly a fire can start. We learnt how important it is to keep the floors clear, keeping a fire action plan and why it’s so vital to have a fire safety plan. Then we went onto the playground to see what smoke does when we went into a smoke tent.    

Learning Journals

In circle time today, we all had a look through our own learning journals. It was so nice to look back on our time in Nursery and talk about what we were doing on each picture and about how we have changed. The children really enjoyed it 😄!

Road Safety Awareness Week

As part of road safety week, we have been talking about and practising how to cross a road. We decided we had to STOP! Think and look both ways every time we crossed the road. We also talked about the importance of holding hands, listening for cars, looking for a safe place to cross, waiting for the cars to stop before stepping on to a road and never running after a ball if it goes into the road.



This week we have been focusing on our recognition of shapes and using them for tasks. We have made shapes in various ways,  in maths sessions, through enhanced provision and also whilst we were baking. Our new topic is all about where we live, so today we chose the correct shapes to make houses with.   

The end of our Three Little Pigs story

We have now finished our Talk for Writing story of the three little pigs. We have had so much fun over the last few weeks learning the story and completing various activities. This week, we made straw, stick and brick houses. Yesterday, Mrs Bennett said that she thought she would be able to blow the brick house down! But she huffed and puffed…. And it didn’t move at all!   

Remembrance Day

The children learnt about why we celebrate Rememberance Day today.

The children watched a beautiful animation following a young rabbit through poppy fields to illustrate the meaning of remembrance Day.

Follow the link below to watch at home.

This afternoon we followed the children’s interests as they wanted to make poppies to wear and take home to remember the soldiers.


Stay & Play

Reception and Nursery held their first Stay & Play session for parents and children.

The theme of the Stay & Play session was Communication and Language. We provided a range of indoor and outdoor play themed learning opportunities for the children to demonstrate their communication and language skills of listening, understanding, and speaking.

Thank you to all the parents who came along. We hope you had lots of fun!