Magnets in Year 1

Yesterday in Year 1 the children looked at which materials attracted magnets. We started the lesson by exploring materials within the classroom.

The children then explored the materials in the outside area and discussed which materials attract the magnet.

The children descovered that the material that attracted magnets was metal. The children then had to use their problem solving skills to get a paper clip out of a paper cup without getting their fingers wet using a magnet. They completed the task in record time!

The next day one of the children very kindly brought a magnetic game into school. The children worked together to assemble the game and then played the game in groups.

A piano taster session

Yesterday in Year four we had the pleasure of a piano taster session. Some of the children in the class do already play so it was amazing to see their skills shine through and the rest of the class had their first try of playing a piano. The children fully enjoyed their time and would like to say thank you to Mrs Isherwood for organising this.

Year 3 Passover Celebration

The children in year 3 have been learning all about Judaism and the festivals celebrated by the Jewish community. We have been focusing on the festival of Passover, why the Jewish people celebrate and the meaning behind all the foods eaten during this celebration.

The children were then given a chance to sample some of the foods eaten during this celebration, reflecting on why they are eaten, remembering the suffering the Israelites faced during their exodus from Egypt.

Internet Safety Day in Year 6

Today is Internet Safety Day. In Year 6 we have been talking about our digital footprint. What we search, like, buy, share etc online creates our digital footprint. We watched the a video to show how we can create a positive one.

We also looked at the suggested ages for the apps we use that create digital footprints. We were shocked at WhatsApp!

Internet safety

On Tuesday it was internet safety day. We looked at different ways to stay safe online. We talked about different situations that we could find ourselves in and ways to deal with them safely. We created example passwords so that can’t be easily guessed. We looked at the official age that people should be to access social media.

Internet Safety Assembly

This morning Year 1 and Foundation stage came together to discuss their work on internet safety this week. We started the assembly with a story about Digiduck and we spoke about how we can stay safe online.

The children in Year 1 then shared their internet safety booklets.

The children then sang a song that they had learnt this week on how to stay safe online.

Performing arts

This morning Mrs Isherwood had kindly arranged for a Performing Arts coach to come into school. Our focus was Chinese New Year to link with our topic of China. The children did a range of warm up games and in small groups they acted out the movements of a bull and then different animals from the Chinese calendar.

Our China topic

As part of our topic some children have brought items in from home to show. Giulia brought in some items that her dad brought her from china and made a PowerPoint to share with the class. Aiden made a PowerPoint to share with the class. Bella brought in a Chinese dragon from home and Scarlett wrote her name in Chinese writing in a canvas.

We loved seeing them all.

Year 3 Performing Arts

The children were given an opportunity to join in a performing arts experience. The topic of our lessons in class has been about ‘Volcanoes’ and we were able to express our volcanic work in the form of dance.

After discussing the different styles of volcanoes and the power of them, the children then interpreted this into different dance styles.