Art Collages

As the children are learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff in Literacy and in Science they are looking at the similarities and differences of different materials.  We thought we would transfer our skills about materials into our Art work by experimenting to create different textures with different materials to produce a collage piece of work.

The children had a piece of card divided into three sections representing the different scenes in the story…

…the children had to decide which material they could use to represent the texture of soil…

…then they had to think about different textures for the river…

…and finally the texture of the ‘fresh green grass’.

Can You Make a Bridge?

On Monday afternoon, Miss Barber set the Reception children a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) challenge.  I asked the children if they could make a bridge to help The Three Billy Goats Gruff cross the river.

To begin the challenge we all looked at lots of different pictures of bridges and then the children were presented with a selection of building materials…tape, card, paper, wooden sticks, straws, cardboard tubes, string, and ribbon.

The children really enjoyed the activity; it really made the children think about what a bridge is and what it has to look like.

Seed update!

Today we all completed our ‘Week One Observations’. We all checked our seed and wrote about whether it had grown a lot, a little, or not at all. We then suggested reasons why it had or hadn’t and adjusted their positioning in the classroom to reflect our observations and ideas.


What is a flower made up of?

In Science today, we dissected a flower in our pairs. We discussed the structure of the flower, what it was called and where it can be found. We then peeled back various part of the flower, identifying the stem, petals, leaves and discussing pollen and the smell associated with different flowers. We all loved investigating!



Last week in Year One…

Here is a few photos from last week.

We helped Sunny the Meerkat correct his letter to his family, working in pairs to identify and correct the mistakes before changing the letter as a whole class.

As part of our topic ‘The UK and Far Away’ we have been learning about famous landmarks in London. Firstly, we drew a picture of the London Eye and discuss what resources we could use to make our very own version. We then each had a go at making one! It proved very tricky and took a lot of perseverance and concentration, but we all gave it our best effort. We used paper plates, cocktail sticks to attach the two sides together and then added seats!

You will also see some of our Science photos. We worked in pairs to ‘use observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions about planting a seed’. We talked and wrote about what a seed needs to grow, where we would put it in the classroom and why. Watch this space to keep up with our observations of how they grow! We have also being talking about the season which comes after Winter… Spring. We discussed what happens to the plants, trees and wildlife and made a Spring tree.


Jumping In The Puddles

This week Nursery have loved jumping and mark making in the puddles. We talked about all the different weather types and how we can use our mark making tools and the coloured water to decorate the playground.

The Nursery children were developing their physical development and communication and language skills during outside play. They enjoyed jumping in the puddles, making bubbles and mixing chalk with water to see how the water changed.


Electrifying materials!

This week Class 2 have been learning about Thomas Edison and his invention – the light bulb. In Science, we used our new found knowledge to help us identify and sort materials into conducting and non-conducting materials. We had great fun using circuits to do this. Have a look at us investigating lots of different materials.

Wednesday Welly Walk

In our Science work this week we having been learning about different types of weather and the different clothing we wear for different weathers.

On Wednesday it was a very rainy morning – we decided to go and experience the rainy weather in our waterproofs and wellington boots.

Before we went outside we discussed the question: ‘What is rain?’ and ‘What do we use water for?’

When we got outside we had lots of fun…jumping in the puddles, making bubbles with washing up liquid, making puddles change colour with paint, and mixing colours with chalk in the puddles.

Then at lunchtime a rainbow came out in the sky, so we extended our learning about what happens when rain and sun mix in the sky.

Woodland Wednesday

In Nursery we had a trip to the woodland area. We made sure that we put on our waterproofs and wellies so that we could really explore!


We found a variety of sticks that were all different sizes and collected them all to make a den for next week. We also looked at what colours we could see and discussed that soon it will be Spring.



We then came back to class and made our very own tree using the colours brown and green.

A fantastic start back to school for class 2!

Since we have returned to school after a lovely Christmas break, we have been working our socks off! Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at Leonardo da Vinci. Did you know he was not only an artist but a Scientist, a Sculptor, a Mathematician and an Inventor? We have painted our own versions of Mona Lisa, invented our own parachutes and used digital cameras to take photos of our own Vitruvian Man.


What is an algorithm?

Yesterday in our ICT lesson, we started to learn about algorithms.

We learnt that they are a set of instructions you give to program a computer.

For our first lesson about algorithms, we didn’t program a computer or any other technology though… we programmed each other and Miss Carter!

Firstly, we gave Miss Carter a set of instructions to open the door, it went wrong a few times and we had to try again and give different instructions, it was so much fun!

Then, we worked in pairs to program our friends, giving them algorithms to get to different parts of the classroom. We had to tell them to move forwards, backwards, left, right, how many steps, which way to face and many other instructions.

Year One’s letter from Sunny the Meerkat…

We had a special delivery in Year One… a HUGE letter! We discussed all of the things an envelope needed to have on it and how we knew it was for us. When we opened the envelope, we had a big surprise! Inside it was a letter from Sunny the Meerkat, all the way from the Kalahari desert! He had also sent us a brand new book called ‘Meerkat Mail’ which is our new Talk for Writing text.

Reception Wednesday Welly Walk Number 1

We walked into town on our first Welly Walk today.

We went to the shops in Congleton to buy a calendar as the children have talked about the start of a new year.

The children decided they would like to have a calendar in the classroom to write important dates and events that are coming up.

When we got back to school we wrote all of the children’s birthdays on the calendar.