Last week in Year One…

Here is a few photos from last week.

We helped Sunny the Meerkat correct his letter to his family, working in pairs to identify and correct the mistakes before changing the letter as a whole class.

As part of our topic ‘The UK and Far Away’ we have been learning about famous landmarks in London. Firstly, we drew a picture of the London Eye and discuss what resources we could use to make our very own version. We then each had a go at making one! It proved very┬átricky and took a lot of perseverance and concentration, but we all gave it our best effort. We used paper plates, cocktail sticks to attach the two sides together and then added seats!

You will also see some of our Science photos. We worked in pairs to ‘use observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions about planting a seed’. We talked and wrote about what a seed needs to grow, where we would put it in the classroom and why. Watch this space to keep up with our observations of how they grow! We have also being talking about the season which comes after Winter… Spring. We discussed what happens to the plants, trees and wildlife and made a Spring tree.


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