Half Term Hatchings!

The children in Reception have been learning about minibeasts and the life cycle of a caterpillar this half term. 

We revieved 5 very small caterpillars on Tuesday 2nd May and the children have looked after them and they have grown and grown.

On the 16th May the caterpillars then made cacoons and the children have waited patiently.

Today, at Miss Barber’s house 4 Painted Lady Butterflies have hatched. We are still waiting for one to hatch.


Whose poo is it?

Class 1A has had an amazing day, investigating which poo belongs to which African animal! We made sure we had the essentials including safety goggles, gloves and stick to search through the poo for clues. We were able classify the poos into carnivore poo, herbivore poo and omnivore poo just by looking at its contents. We found seeds and grass in one, zebra fur in another and both in the final one. Can you guess which African animals produced them? 

Healthy Eating

Last week we talked about healthy eating. We discussed foods that you should eat a lot of and foods which should just be treats. We sorted different foods and drinks into groups and Miss Carter also showed us how many tablespoons of sugar is in a can of coke! We were very good at explaining why certain foods belonged in the healthy or treat groups and some of the children even talked about how unhealthy foods effect your body and teeth.