Tooth decay

In science last week in class 4 we were looking at tooth decay, we chose 6 different liquids to test using boiled eggs to see what damage they would cause to our teeth. We left the eggs in the liquids over the weekend and then relooked at the eggs.
We found that apple juice and orange juice caused the most damage, we were surprised that it wasn’t coke as that is fizzy, we have since discovered that apple juice is acidic which damages the enamel our teeth.

Year 3 Science Investigations

During the start of this half term Year 3 have been learning about forces.
We have been doing our own investigations on friction.
First the children investigated how different surfaces could slow down a toy car. This week this the children investigated the forces which occur when we walk and how the grip of our shoes against different surfaces can also affect the way we walk.

Create Music

On Monday, Create Music came to Marlfields to display an electric guitar to the children and show them different sounds and styles that could be played. The children absolutely loved the performance and got involved in answering questions and talking about their own experience of listening to and playing guitars. Create Music are going to provide guitar lessons for the children, including a 1:1 taster session absolutely free!

Hospitals and Doctors

This week in Foundation Stage we have started our topic based on People Who Help Us. We have started to think about the people who help us when we are ill or hurt.

The children have created their very own Marlfields Hospital.

The children were very interested in X Rays and the bones in their bodies. We have looked closely at X Ray images of parts of the body and then made our own skeleton pictures.

Year 6 Hockey Workshop at Eaton Bank

On Thursday, Year 6 visited Eaton Bank for a hockey workshop. We learnt a lot of skills while we were there, such as control, passing, stopping and saving. We played some games to practise these skills, such as Pacman Hockey and finished by playing some matches. It was an extremely enjoyable experience and we hope to do something like this again. The teacher at Eaton Bank gave us all a certificate for great effort and representing the school well. I. Kane, M. Callaghan, L. Onions and J. Connor also received a medal each for exceptional effort.

Written by I. Kane and M. Callaghan.