Blast off!

image image image image image imageThis afternoon, to commemorate Tim Peake’s launch to the ISS, we had a great time designing and making our own bottle rockets. We then got to launch them using a bottle rocket launcher. Some were more successful than others! Mr Rowe got a bit wet and fortunately none hit Mrs Pearce’s car! It was great fun!

Tim Peake’s launch to the ISS

image image image image imageThis morning at 11:03 am Tim Peake blasted off in the Soyuz rocket into space going to the ISS. Everyone was very excited. The whole of KS2 watched him because he is the first British man to go to the ISS. It was so amazing to see live pictures of him inside the capsule. We watched as the Stage 1 boosters detached from the main rocket. We knew the astronauts had reached orbit because everything started to float inside the capsule.

I’m an astronaut get me out of here

image imageimage image image image

Today we chatted via the Internet, to four people part of the Tim Peake’s Principia mission to the ISS. Simon, who works on the mission control; Delma who is a Scientist; Alex who is living in Antartica and Andrew, another Scientist. We got to ask them lots of questions about their jobs and what they do for the mission. It was really exciting talking to people that atually work for the mission! We learnt that you can go further then your expectations in life. We now have to vote for one of them to win!

Take off!

In Nursery we went on our very own plane journey! We used the passports we had made to check in to our ‘Marlfields Airways’ flight. We got our own boarding card with a letter an a number on, which we had to match to a seat and sit down. We then flew off on our journey, we watched a real life flight to imagine we were going up into the sky and were served our snack by the cabin crew on trolleys! 


Pilot Talk

As part of our transport topic we had a visit from a pilot! We thought of lots of questions and he even let us try on real headphones used on an aeroplane!