Raft-building at Astbury Mere – Year 6

The children have had a brilliant time at Astbury Mere today. They were split in to two teams (Cheese and Onions) to design, build and sail a raft. The cheese team definitely looked like they were experts in building however their raft didn’t quite live up to its design and part of it came apart. Both rafts did float though. The onion team won the race to the ducks!

Year 5 Sports Day

Today year 5 and 6 joined forces to compete in Sports Day.
The temperature was hot and so was the competition.

After a hard day of sports an ice cream was the perfect end to an amazing day as a treat from the school. Thank you Mrs Isherwood.

Going On Safari!

The children’s main interest in Nursery and Reception is animals. We began our half term by reading the children a selection of animal stories we know they enjoy. The children then used voting counters to vote for their favorite story. The winner was: Dear Zoo. We are using this book as our focus for our learning this half term.

To begin our learning the children in Nursery and Reception went on a safari…they saw lots of different animals hiding in Marlfields school woods.

The children have then written letters to the zoo to ask for a pet. BEWARE we might be sent lots of monkeys, snakes, elephants, lions, frogs, giraffes, and snakes!!!!!