Anything goes!

Yesterday afternoon Year 5 were invited to Daneside Theatre to watch Anything Goes by students at Eaton Bank, the children had a fantastic afternoon and we wish to thank Eaton Bank for inviting us to watch such a wonderful performance.

Year 4 – Terracotta Army

As part of our art work today the children in Year 4 learnt all about the Terracotta Army. Examining the soldiers found in the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, the children had created their own replicas of the famous army that lay untouched for over 2000 years.

First we manipulated clay into the main body shape that we wanted, kneeling or standing, where we then began to build and mold the defining features of our soldiers. Next the children gave the more personal details such as the facial features and the armor that the army are seen wearing.

Soon the children had all created their Terracotta Army soldier and they were ready to dry to guard the tomb in our class.

Year 4 – Shang Dynasty Hierarchy

Year 4’s exploration of the Shang Dynasty continues.

Over the past few weeks the children have looked at the definition of the word ‘hierarchy’ and how the social order of civilisation started thousands of years ago.

The children have now began to create a script based on different levels of the hierarchy:

Royal Family,
Warriors, Priests and Nobles,

Working in groups the children are now writing a play to re-enact to the class.

Year 2

This week Year 2 have been looking at information texts and their key features. The children have worked together using laptops and non-fiction texts to gather information ready for them to write their own information leaflets.

Year 6 Science

As part of our Living Things unit, Year 6 have been looking at microorganisms. This week our scientific questions was: Is yeast a living thing? We looked at the processes that living things do using the mnemonic MRS GREN. The children then completed a Science investigation to answer the question.

First they added yeast to warm water. The yeast then needed nutrition which was in the form of sugar. Attaching the balloon to the top of the bottle would show whether yeast respires and/or excretes if it inflated.

The children determined that yeast was in fact a living thing.