Brilliant Biomes

Year 5 were given a homework task over 1/2 term to create a biome. Dylan and Esmé made Tundra biomes, whilst Reggie made a tropical rainforest, complete with a knitted sloth and snake. Both Ethan and Kyran used live plants to create theirs. They all look amazing and really extended their Geographical understanding.

Rugby Skills

In PE today we learnt some skills for tag rugby. Firstly we passed a ball round a circle shouting a name just before we threw the ball. Then we passed a rugby ball across a circle, counting down from 10, whoever got the ball last lost a point.

Year 5 and 6 Football

Last night the Year 5 and 6 boys battled it out against other Congleton schools. The first match was St Mary’s Vs Marlfields. It was a strong start with a score scored from Marfields but from nowhere two goals were scored against us. The next match was against Buglawton and with our team working together and scoring some excellent goals we won 2:0. Our final match was against Quinta and although the boys worked extremely hard Quinta won 3:1. Well done boys you did us all proud!

I wonder what moves….Dinosaurs!

This half term the children in Early Years have been using Dinosaurs as a theme for their learning.

The children started their topic by discovering a dinosaur egg in our sand pit. The children worked together to make nests for the dinosaur egg.

The children have learnt about the different types of dinosaurs and what environments they liked to live in. The children created representations of different dinosaurs using their colour mixing skills to create the colours they wanted.

The children have finished the topic with a Dinosaur Hunt in our school woods. The Dinosaurs were hiding in a variety of different places; behind the tree, under the bench, next to the tree, in the flowers, in the tree.

The children have really enjoyed the learning through Dinosaurs!

Year 6- Computing

This afternoon, Year 6 were finishing their coding unit and used Python to create some incredible pieces of work! We looked at various pieces of Islamic art and identified the features that we could recreate on the laptops using Python coding.
Brilliant work Year 6!

The Rotary Club Photography Competition

Earlier in the year the children at Marlfields were challenged to capture a photograph based on the theme ‘buildings in harmony with nature’. Two representatives from the Rotary club came in to award the children for their amazing effort and every child who participated was given a certificate. Three pieces were chosen and they won some amazing gift vouchers to spend! Thank you again to the Rotary club for organising such a wonderful competition and we look forward to welcoming you back to our school.

Year 4 – Chinese New Year

As the children have been learning all about China and this Saturday being Chinese New Year we have enjoyed a small festivity this afternoon and had an artistic style Chinese New Year celebration.

The children have been reading about the origins of the Chinese New Year where the 12 animals of the zodiac had a race to see who would lead which years. We then looked at the celebration for the end of the Year of the Rabbit and welcomed in the Year of the Dragon.

To celebrate the children then created their own Chinese dragons as well as creating a zodiac wheel (we found out some of us are the Year of the Horse and some are the Year of the Ram.

We then created our own good luck charms using our calligraphy skills to create the word ‘luck’ in Chinese.

To finish off we had our usual Friday Celebration and finished with a fortune cookie.