Day 28 of the Rocket Seeds life!

Today’s instructions were to find the average number of leaves for each tray. We started by randomly selecting 5 plants in each tray then counting the leaves on each plant. Next we had to add up the number of leaves and divide by 5 to find the average number. Red 1 had 4.6 leaves, Red 2 3.75 leaves, Red 3 4.3 and Red 4 had 3.2 leaves. The blue rocket leaves have slightly more leaves with Blue 1 having 4.6 leaves, Blue 2 3.8, Blue 3 3.6 and finally Blue 4 had 4.25 leaves. Mrs Pearce is slightly concerned that her “not so green fingers” are having an effect on┬áthe growth of the rocket seeds. Mrs Camp has brought in more seeds, so that we can grow another batch to test if it is Mrs Pearce’s lack of gardening skills!

image image image image

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