Mini teachers!

On Wednesday morning in Class 3, instead of Mrs Daley being the teacher for the whole Maths lesson, Vayun, Isaac and Thomas stepped in. They each worked with a group for a short period of time to support with their Maths learning, they did a fantastic job and the rest of the class enjoyed it too.

Well done boys, it was excellent to see you showing the other children in the class the strategies you use.

Active afternoon

To finish our week off in Year 3 we have been very energetic and done PE in the hall. We have made use of our fantastic new walls. The children all had a turn of clear out and Mr Rowe took down the children’s scores after 30 seconds so now we can hopefully see week on week improvements.

The rest of us did some moving in different ways through the cones and aiming using bean bags.

Such a busy week in Year 3!


This afternoon we have been using dienes to add two 2-digit numbers together. It’s tricky business but we realised that if we swap ten of the ten sticks for a hundred it makes it much easier to work out. We worked in partners so we could help each other.

Stone circles

On Wednesday afternoon in Class 3 we looked at Stone henge and Stone circles. We worked through three different activities.

One group were reading information from books and recording it, one group were drawing and labelling a diagram of Stone circles and one group were using clay to make their own model of Stone circles.

The children had so much fun and learnt lots too. They shared their facts and discussed them at the end of the lesson. We think that the Stone circles were built to help Neolithic people to know what time of year it was. This depended on the way the sun shone through the Stone circles, it helped them to know when it was the winter soliste and summer soliste, this helped the farmers to know when to harvest their crops.


Into the Forest 🌳

In English this week we have been looking at the story ‘Into the Forest’. We have worked in groups to look at different pages of the story to try and work out what might happen. The Mum in the story tells the little boy to go the long way round to Grandma’s rather than through the forest, we created a conscience alley to give the boy advice of what to do. We added nouns, adjectives and verbs to the pictures and wrote down questions we’d like to know about the story. We were also introduced to the idea of personification and we worked together to make a class poem.






In our science lessons this half term we have been learning about animals including humans. We have looked at skeletons of humans, animals, the scientific names of these and then moved on to muscles.

Last week we went outside and did different exercises, as we completed them we could feel our different muscles working.

Stone Age soup

Last week Year 3 had the chance to go cooking with Mrs Barnes, to link with our topic of Stone Age the children made Stone Age soup. They used mushrooms, onions, stock cube, milk and water. When they had made the soup we all tasted it and wrote instructions of how to make the soup.


Little Moreton Hall

Today Year 3 had a brilliant day at Little Moreton Hall. We learnt all about life in Tudors times. If you were rich, life wasn’t too bad but if you were poor there were many jobs that were rather unpleasant! The worst one being a gong scourer. We all made a tussy mussy each to ward off bad smells and illnesses. Some of today’s sayings come from the Tudor times – chairman of the board, board games, Sleep tight don’t let the bugs bite. Some of us learnt how to walk properly up and down the Long Gallery. The name Moreton comes from the open mouth of a wolf being called a “maw” and a small barrel called a “tonne”. We would all like to visit again!

Billy Bob Buttons

Today we’ve been really lucky to have a visit from an author. Billy Bob Buttons has written lots of books and taught us about characterisation. He helped us use similes and metaphors to tell our readers about characters. We also used our senses to describe them. We learnt that it is important to make our characters seem real.

Building bridges

On Tuesday afternoon Year 3 were given the task by Mrs Isherwood to make suitable bridges to go over different animal pens at the zoo! The children had to work collaboratively in groups to carefully plan the size their bridge would need to be as well as ensuring it was strong enough to hold high volumes of visitors.

This formed part of one of our crest award tasks, to finish it off we made a bridge using 5 pieces of a4 paper as a group to see how strong we could make it. We managed to make it strong enough to hold our raffle ticket tub.

Forest school morning

This morning we had an introduction assembly to Science week, we found out that if you add bicarbonate of soda to lemon it causes a chemical reaction and fizzes, to make it more exciting we added food colouring. After this we worked collaboratively in our house teams and had a Forest School morning. We were given four different activities to complete in our groups. The yellow team started at the pond area, we were given a scavenger hunt to do and the resources to do tree rubbings. We were very successful and found all of the things Miss Carter had put on the list even a wild card item, we think we will get the extra points for ours.

The second activity we completed was the den building, we had lots of fun and even used rope and tarpolein to make our den draft free. The third activity we completed after break time was the collaborative art, we had a big yellow sheet and found lots of natural materials to put together to show our team animal which is a snow leopard. Finally we were in the quad planting nasturtiums, we took it in turns filling our pots with compost, popping the seeds in, covering them and watering them.

It was such a wonderful start to the week, even the sunshine came out. A big thank you to Mrs Daley and Miss Carter for arranging a fabulous morning!

Outdoor gym

Yesterday for our Science crest award, we completed the Outdoor Gym activity. Our challenge was to design some great exercises using parts of our playground. We thought of running up the steps, step ups, bunny hops and push ups.

This morning we had a drama workshop about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. We played games, created freeze frames and moulded our partners into statues. We learnt about extinct volcanoes (these haven’t erupted in 10,000 years); how earthquakes happened and are made and also about the terrible volcanoe eruption at Pompeii.