Volcanic Eruptions in Year 3

This afternoon we took our volcanoes outside and simulated an eruption.

First of all we tried 2 tbs or bicarbonate of soda, 1 tbs of washing up liquid and 30ml of vinegar. This wasn’t very successful and Miss Booth’s Volcano didn’t erupt. We then thought about how we could cause a bigger reaction and came up with out own quantities.








Here are some of the results.


We then had a go using coke and mentos. The reaction wasn’t quite as fierce as we had expected. I wonder what we could have differently?



Fantastic Flowers.

Flowers are not just pretty petals and pollen. This afternoon we dissected our flower and found out that they are actually made up of lots of different parts.

Once we had dissected the flower, we labelled the different parts.

Next we are going to find out what each part does.

Busy Bees

This afternoon we have been busy making Bee pencil toppers to sell during our enterprise week. We will be selling them all week as part of our enterprise for £1


All the money raised will be donated to the Manchester appeal.

Fabulous Friction

This week in class three we investigated how the type of surface affected the amount of friction created on a toy car

We found that the bubble wrap created the most friction and the tin foil the least. So, the rougher the surface, the greater the friction.

Science week in Class 3

We’ve had lots of fun experimenting, as well as developing our investigation skill in class 3 this week.

On Monday we looked at how destructive air can be. We filled the bottle full of hot water then poured cold water and ice over it. After a minute or so the bottle began to crush!!








Did you know that gloop can dance? We made out gloop boogie on Tuesday afternoon.

The he vibrations from the loud music we played agitated the mixture of cornflour and water and made it look like it was dancing .

We followed Miss Booth’s instructions to make gummy worms wriggle on Thursday. We soaked them in a solution of bicarbonateof soda and water for half an hour. Next we dropped a worm into a cup of white vinegar and watched them wriggle to the top.

We finished our week with a bang (literally) this week. The chemical reaction between the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar filled the bag with carbon dioxide until it went BOOM!



Foaming fizzy potion

Today it was Year 3’s turn to come for the science experiment enterprise with year 4. A few children turned up and had a lovely time exploring what happens when you mix together bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and lemon juice.

The bicarbonate of soda, when mixed with lemon juice, is forming carbon dioxide gas. As this fizzes up in the washing up liquid, it creates lots of soapy bubbles – wow! Is science magic?



Year 3 visit to Tattenhall

On Tuesday the 27th of February year 3 packed an overnight back and headed to the Tattenhall residential centre. On the first day we completed some fantastic art projects.

After our tea, we settled down to watch ,inside out with some hot chocolate and popcorn.


After a good nights sleep we had breakfast, stripped our beds and went to the hall for dance and drama. We made up our own routines and learnt one altogether to create one long piece.

We had such a good time, we can’t wait for our next residential trip.


Amazing Art

Since October year 3 and 4 have spent two afternoons a week with our lovely artist Mrs Guildford. The children have developed and used a range of skills over the last few weeks to be able to create fantastic art work. The children’s work was based on the topic we have done in class which of course last term was ‘The Stone Age’. 

Today Libby, Vaughan, Rory and Aly spent time with Mrs Guildford putting all of their work together in the entrance hall to make a wonderful display. Here are some of the pictures of the display, please do call in to have a look if you get a spare moment as it really is brilliant to see the hard work these children have been doing over the last few months.