The Solar System

Today Year 5 mapped out the distance from the sun to each planet. We used toilet paper, with each sheet representing 10 million km. Earth is 150,000,000 km from the sun with Neptune being 4,500,000,000 km. Many of us didn’t realise that the planets weren’t evenly spread across the solar system.

Chemical Reactions

This afternoon in our Science lesson, we used chemical reactions to create new materials.

First, we mixed bicarbonate of soda (50g) with distilled vinegar (50ml). The chemical change creates carbon dioxide which is a gas. This gas is used for fizzy drinks, cooling foods on aeroplanes and is used in fire extinguishers to put out fires.

We then mixed warm milk (250ml) with distilled vinegar (1 tbsp). It looked like the milk curdled. We were all amazed that it made a type of plastic called casein.


Year 5 were visited by Congleton Fire and Rescue today. We learnt about the dangers of fire; how to escape from a fire; what to do if the room was filled with smoke and how having smoke alarms are crucial. We went in the smoke tent so that we could experience how smoke rises and that we need to keep low to the floor when there is a fire.

Change starts with us ……..

last week we celebrated anti-bullying week with a theme of ‘change starts with us’ we though about how we could make our school community a happier place for everyone.

It was lovely to see the children focusing on being kind, paying each other compliments, offering support, praising effort and SMILING! The children have made a pledge to make a small change to their behaviour in school that could make a huge difference to someones day.

The children also wore odd socks to celebrate diversity and to highlight that we are all  unique and special. 


Fairtrade at Eaton Bank

On Thursday, Rohan, Fay, Gaby and Oliver R travelled to Eaton Bank Academy for a Fairtrade workshop session.

They went into a DT room with children from other schools and learnt about Fairtrade and talked about how farmers in other countries need to keep birds from eating their crops. They made windmill bird scarers which they decorated with images of birds of prey faces and eyes. Ollie’s artwork was even commented on by their art teacher- well done Ollie!

The group then went to a Geography class and learnt about how items are manufactured in other countries and are then traded for money and goods with other countries. They played a trading game where they had to manufacture shapes from paper which they could sell for money or trade with other teams for equipment. each team started off with different amounts of money and equipment.