Robot Wars

To start our Science week off, Year 5 had a robot workshop. The objective was to build a robot that could sense another and win a battle. We used motion sensors to detect the other robots and a motor with an arm to battle it. Once we built the robots, we used coding to write a set of instructions for it to attack. After our first battles some of the robots needed modifying and strengthening. The ultimate winner was “The Terminator”.

Cadbury’s World

We had an amazing time at Cadbury’s World yesterday. We learnt about where chocolate originates from – the Aztecs and Mayans first discovered cocoa beans and made them into a drink.

Then we learnt about the history of Cadbury’s. The company built a whole village for their workers including a school.

We learnt about the Cadbury’s brand and how every milk chocolate bar has the colour purple on it. One section of the tour was all about advertising and the characters they have used. We recognised many of them, which shows how powerful advertising is.

One of the highlights of the day was tasting the melted chocolate! Writing our names in chocolate was trickier then we thought.

Our final activity at Cadbury’s World was the 4D experience where we went on a chocolate roller coaster ride. It felt so real and we even put our hands in the air went we went hurtling down a dip.


Pancake Week!

This week, Class 5 didn’t have just a Pancake Day but we had a Pancake Week!!! We started the week with Pinaattiletut pancakes from Finland. At first, some of us were put off because they were green! This was the spinach and they actually tasted gorgeous.


Our next cooking session with Mrs Barnes was to make Korean Gamjajeon, which are potato pancakes with a soy sauce dip. We had to chop, mash, fry and combine several ingredients before making the pancake shapes.


Some of us then made Scotch pancakes, served with syrup or chocolate spread.



Finally, a group made French crepes, again served with syrup or chocolate spread.


Our official taster (Mrs Pearce) was very pleased with the standard of our pancake making!!!

Visit from Al Sylvester

Today we were visited by Al Sylvester MBE. He shared with us his tale of leading the RAF’s first unsupported attempt on the Geographic South Pole across Antarctica. He told us about the 3-year build-up of selecting and training a team, raising the funds, choosing the logistics and his experience of living on Antarctica for 7 weeks in a tent. He explained how the simplest of tasks become complex a polar desert and what you can and cannot leave on Antarctica. We learnt about how sometimes things don’t go to plan and that determination and resilience are key to success. Living in extreme cold conditions, meant that specialist clothing was required. Jayden was given the opportunity to dress like an explorer. We learnt so much from Al and his expedition.

Learning about Parliament

This afternon Year 5 and 6 participated in a workshop all about parliament. We learnt about the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords and how they debated on laws. We learnt that when a law is made the bill is passed from one house to the other until they agree on it. This is called parliament ping-pong. We conducted a debate on whether children should be made to walk to school at least one day every week. The speaker (Rohan) was allowed to choose people to put forward their opinion. Once all the suggestions had been put forward, we cast our vote. There were 17 ayes to the right and 20 no’s to the left.

The Solar System

Today Year 5 mapped out the distance from the sun to each planet. We used toilet paper, with each sheet representing 10 million km. Earth is 150,000,000 km from the sun with Neptune being 4,500,000,000 km. Many of us didn’t realise that the planets weren’t evenly spread across the solar system.

Chemical Reactions

This afternoon in our Science lesson, we used chemical reactions to create new materials.

First, we mixed bicarbonate of soda (50g) with distilled vinegar (50ml). The chemical change creates carbon dioxide which is a gas. This gas is used for fizzy drinks, cooling foods on aeroplanes and is used in fire extinguishers to put out fires.

We then mixed warm milk (250ml) with distilled vinegar (1 tbsp). It looked like the milk curdled. We were all amazed that it made a type of plastic called casein.


Year 5 were visited by Congleton Fire and Rescue today. We learnt about the dangers of fire; how to escape from a fire; what to do if the room was filled with smoke and how having smoke alarms are crucial. We went in the smoke tent so that we could experience how smoke rises and that we need to keep low to the floor when there is a fire.