Change starts with us ……..

last week we celebrated anti-bullying week with a theme of ‘change starts with us’ we though about how we could make our school community a happier place for everyone.

It was lovely to see the children focusing on being kind, paying each other compliments, offering support, praising effort and SMILING! The children have made a pledge to make a small change to their behaviour in school that could make a huge difference to someones day.

The children also wore odd socks to celebrate diversity and to highlight that we are all  unique and special. 


Congleton museum

On Monday 29th April we went on a trip to Congleton museum, we learnt lots about the history of Congleton and lots about the industrial revolution, the civil war and the plague.

We had such a great time and did some amazing writing following on from this. Thank you to our parent helpers.

Investigating plants

In Year 2 this morning we have been outside looking at all of the different plants and flowers we can see in our environment. We talked about why plants and flowers begin to grow at certain times of the year. We knew that plants need sunlight to grow but realised that some plants don’t grow in the winter even though the sun is shining. As we are super plant detectives we quickly noticed that it needs to be a certain temperature for the plants to grow as well as having sunlight. Some plants and flowers can survive in lower temperature in comparison to others who need a much warmer temperature.

Testing materials

This afternoon in year 2 we got out the ramps, cars and a range of materials to test which material would encourage the car to go the furthest. We made sure it was a fair test by keeping the car, the height of the ramp and person the same. We found that the best materials were plastic and foam as the car travelled the furthest. We recorded our attempts out of 10 into a tally chart and wrote a conclusion to summarise our learning.

As well as this Mrs Barnes went baking with 5 children, they made rice infused with cardamom pods and poached pear with cinnamon sticks and saffron. The class were able to have a try and thought it was deliciouS.

Using natural and manmade materials to make birds nests

This morning in Year 2 we have been working very hard at Nest HQ to ensure the birds have fantastic nests. First we had a little recap of our learning from yesterday which was looking at why birds migrate over the winter and even looked at the way they fly in large flocks.

Mrs Radcliffe and Mrs Daley set up two boxes per table for us, one with different manmade materials in and the other with natural materials in.

We had to work in our house teams to plan how we were going to make our nests and then use a range of materials depending on their properties to make suitable nests for the birds.

We talked about two main questions;

1. What would make a good birds nest?

2. What properties do the materials need to have to make good nests?

We thought about making the nests warm and cosy, as well as strong, sturdy and camouflaged from predators. Roosting takes place in the nests too so it needs to be high up so that the eggs and chicks are safe.

We decided that using natural materials was the best as clay provides a strong base for the nest, twigs make good sides to hide the eggs and chicks as well as making them sheltered, the leaves we used made the bed area cosy, warm and comf6 for the birds. Some children thought that using some manmade materials such as sponges would provide good support as it could soak up the rain.

Thank you to Mrs Provis and Mrs Horton for coming in to support us, we had a great time and learnt lots!