Day 21 – Measuring the rocket

Today’s instructions were to measure the tallest plant in each of the trays. Our results were: R1 – 57mm, R2 – 62mm, R3 – 40mm and R4 – 85mm, B1 – 71mm, B2 – 81mm, B3 – 82mm and B4 – 85mm. Some of us thought that the Blue seeds are those that were on the ISS because they are growing much better. There is now definitely a difference between the two different packets of seeds.

IMG_0844 IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0849

Guess what we are making?!

This morning we have been exploring and mixing colours. We are making something new in Nursery, and last week, the children made a list of everything we would need to make it. Watch this space to find out what it is… 


Making Ladybirds

We made our own 3d ladybirds! We used scissors to cut strips of red paper and then used glue to attach it to a circle base. When we had completed the body, we selected a semi-circle to attach eyes to and used chalk to draw a mouth. Finally, we each selected circles to add to the ladybird’s body, to give it black spots. 


Learning Outdoors

Yesterday, we went on a bug hunt! We used our ‘Shirley Sharp Eyes’ and magnifying glasses to search for insects. We then used our mark making skills to note down what insects we could find.