Talk for Writing

This morning we have been busy changing our current class text ‘Meerkat Mail’, to tell our own journey story. We have each changed the main character and some of us have also changed the setting. When we had finished our story maps, we retold our version of the story to our friends.



The UK

Our new topic is ‘The UK and Far Away’. This week in our Geography lesson, we used different maps and atlases to locate each of the 4 countries of the UK and identify their flags.

Length and Height

This week in maths, we have been working on length and height. We have been using different words to compare the length and height of people and object and also used concrete resources, using both standard and non-standard units of measurement.

Special Delivery…

At the start of the week, Mrs Bennett arrived with a large envelope for Nursery. We opened the envelope to find a letter from a meerkat called Sunny… all the way from the Kalahari desert! Sunny sent a copy of ‘Meerkat Mail’ with his note, for us to learn all about his adventures in our new English focus text.

St George’s Day

Our new topic is ‘The UK and Far Away’. As part of this topic, we will be learning about all of the countries in the UK. To celebrate St George’s Day today, we learnt about the story of St George and the dragon and how he sailed the seas to defeat a dragon and save a princess.

In small groups, we acted out the story. We each took on a different role and shared the story with the class. There were some very dramatic performances… great work Year One :).



Despite a few technical difficulties, we managed to complete our algorithms lesson… by programming our maths buddies! We took it in turns to guide our partners to a given spot on the ground, proving them with step by step instructions, including how many steps and which direction. We even had to debug them if they went wrong!

Science Week

Last week was Science Week and we completed lots of different activities and challenges. On Wednesday we completed 4 different experiments and then showed our parents how to do them in Thumbs up Thursday. On Friday, we completed experiments under the theme of journeys, which was the focus of this years’ Science Week. We constructed ramps and rockets and also tested different materials. We had to write a prediction for each experiment and the concluded what actually happened. Even our cooking sessions with Mrs Barnes were science themed and as we made cake representations of the solar system.


Forest school morning

This morning we had an introduction assembly to Science week, we found out that if you add bicarbonate of soda to lemon it causes a chemical reaction and fizzes, to make it more exciting we added food colouring. After this we worked collaboratively in our house teams and had a Forest School morning. We were given four different activities to complete in our groups. The yellow team started at the pond area, we were given a scavenger hunt to do and the resources to do tree rubbings. We were very successful and found all of the things Miss Carter had put on the list even a wild card item, we think we will get the extra points for ours.

The second activity we completed was the den building, we had lots of fun and even used rope and tarpolein to make our den draft free. The third activity we completed after break time was the collaborative art, we had a big yellow sheet and found lots of natural materials to put together to show our team animal which is a snow leopard. Finally we were in the quad planting nasturtiums, we took it in turns filling our pots with compost, popping the seeds in, covering them and watering them.

It was such a wonderful start to the week, even the sunshine came out. A big thank you to Mrs Daley and Miss Carter for arranging a fabulous morning!

World Book Day

Today we came in dressed as characters from our favourite books or in our PJs! We had a bit of a different day, we split up into 3 groups, with team ladybird, mermaid and snail – from Miss Carter, Miss Frowen and Mrs Latham’s book choices. Over the course of the day, we have battled it out in our handwriting, English, maths  and art lessons for points, based on who has completed the most impressive work. We also gained points for good listening, sitting, behaviour, kindness and answering questions.

In our groups we had our own circle time, where the book for each team was shared. We then went round our groups and told our friends our favourite books and why, writing it down as we went. Some of our group members even read part of their favourite book to the rest of their teams!


In our math lesson, we had a slight problem! There weren’t enough books to go around. We had to work out how many books we were short each time, using our knowledge of subtracting tens and ones.

This afternoon, each team worked collaboratively to create a giant version of their book front cover. They are works in progress as you can see (we had to squeeze PE in too!) But, watch this space for the finished products…

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