Forest school morning

This morning we had an introduction assembly to Science week, we found out that if you add bicarbonate of soda to lemon it causes a chemical reaction and fizzes, to make it more exciting we added food colouring. After this we worked collaboratively in our house teams and had a Forest School morning. We were given four different activities to complete in our groups. The yellow team started at the pond area, we were given a scavenger hunt to do and the resources to do tree rubbings. We were very successful and found all of the things Miss Carter had put on the list even a wild card item, we think we will get the extra points for ours.

The second activity we completed was the den building, we had lots of fun and even used rope and tarpolein to make our den draft free. The third activity we completed after break time was the collaborative art, we had a big yellow sheet and found lots of natural materials to put together to show our team animal which is a snow leopard. Finally we were in the quad planting nasturtiums, we took it in turns filling our pots with compost, popping the seeds in, covering them and watering them.

It was such a wonderful start to the week, even the sunshine came out. A big thank you to Mrs Daley and Miss Carter for arranging a fabulous morning!

Super Science Week

Wow, what a way to start Science Week! Mrs Abraham introduced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through some exciting investigations. We found out all about the fabulous activities and challenges that will be taking place over the week. We will be having a Celebration Assembly on Friday at 2.30pm where members of each class will explain what they have taken part in and learnt over the week. Please come and join us in assembly on Friday, to find out what we have all done!

International Dough Disco Day

This morning we celebrated ‘International Dough Disco Day’. We invited all of our parents in for a Physical Development themed morning and completed various fine motor skill activities with play dough to support our writing skills. We then participated in the live dough disco session, with all of the children showing their parents what we do in our daily sessions.

Thanks all for a great turnout again, we hope that you will be able to try some of the things out at home! Please see Miss Barber or Miss Carter for playdough recipes if you would like them.


Half Term Hatchings!

The children in Reception have been learning about minibeasts and the life cycle of a caterpillar this half term. 

We revieved 5 very small caterpillars on Tuesday 2nd May and the children have looked after them and they have grown and grown.

On the 16th May the caterpillars then made cacoons and the children have waited patiently.

Today, at Miss Barber’s house 4 Painted Lady Butterflies have hatched. We are still waiting for one to hatch.


World Book Day Follow On Welly Walk

Today Reception followed up their World Book Day celebration with a Wednesday Welly Walk to WHSmith’s to spend their World Book Day book token.

Before we set off we used the Internet to look at the different books we could choose from.

Off we went walking down into town.

We looked carfully for the WHSmith shop, using our letter recognition skills to help us.

We all went into WHSmith to choose our World Book Day book.

World Book Day

Last Thursday we celebrated World Book Day.  The children came into school dressed up as their favourite book characters. Miss Barber and Mrs Milroy even joined in the fun dressing up as Alice in Wonderland and The Queen of Hearts.

The children learnt about Miss Barber’s favourite story…The Tiger Who Came To Tea. The children enjoyed listening to Miss Barber tell the story and then the children wrote shopping lists for food to replace the food the Tiger had eaten.

We even made sandwiches for our very own Tiger tea party.

Bird Feeders

Today has been a very cold day in our outdoor learning area.  The children were thinking about how cold it is for the animals outside.  So…this afternoon we decided to make bird feeders using cherrios and pipe cleaners. The children used the pipe cleaner to thread cherrios onto it and then they bent the pipe cleaner to make their bird feeder a shape. 

The children then went to the outdoor area to hang them in the trees for the birds to enjoy in the cold weather. 


Wednesday Welly Walk

This week the children have continued with story of Little Red Riding Hood in their Literacy lessons.  The children have read the next part of the story where Little Red Riding Hood is walking to her Grandma’s house through the woods.  We took the children to our school woods to find out what you can find in the woods, and learn about trees.

The children found out that in our woods there are leaves, tall trees, branches, and flowers beginning to grow.  The children looked at the trees and learnt that the trees have a trunk with bark on, branches and leaves. We made bark rubbings using wax crayons and paper.