Easter Fun In Nursery

In Nursery we have made lots of lovely Easter treats. We began by making Easter nests by breaking the chocolate and then mixing in the cornflakes. We then carefully spooned the mixture into the cake cases and sprinkled chocolate over the top. The children then used the left over chocolate to create Easter shaped treats.




Despite a few technical difficulties, we managed to complete our algorithms lesson… by programming our maths buddies! We took it in turns to guide our partners to a given spot on the ground, proving them with step by step instructions, including how many steps and which direction. We even had to debug them if they went wrong!

Billy Bob Buttons

Today we’ve been really lucky to have a visit from an author. Billy Bob Buttons has written lots of books and taught us about characterisation. He helped us use similes and metaphors to tell our readers about characters. We also used our senses to describe them. We learnt that it is important to make our characters seem real.

Testing materials

This afternoon in year 2 we got out the ramps, cars and a range of materials to test which material would encourage the car to go the furthest. We made sure it was a fair test by keeping the car, the height of the ramp and person the same. We found that the best materials were plastic and foam as the car travelled the furthest. We recorded our attempts out of 10 into a tally chart and wrote a conclusion to summarise our learning.

As well as this Mrs Barnes went baking with 5 children, they made rice infused with cardamom pods and poached pear with cinnamon sticks and saffron. The class were able to have a try and thought it was deliciouS.

This week in Reception – w/b 18.3.19

Some of the children have had the opportunity to work with our school therapy dog – Coco.

In our Maths work this week we have been using the part part whole representation to solve addition number problems.

In our Science work we have been continuing with learning about different materials.  We have learnt about what objects are magnetic.  We went on a magnetic hunt using magnets.