Watoto Choir Performance

Today at Marlfields we were extremely lucky to be visited by the Watoto Choir. We were entertained, we sang and we danced enjoying every minute – even Miss Booth and Mrs Radcliffe performed on stage.

Year 5 had a party lunch with them and the took the out to play. In the afternoon, we made kites and tested them out. Mrs Isherwood sang “Let’s go fly a kite.” for most of the day!

We had a wonderful and are so fortunate that we spent it with the Watoto Choir.



Celebration Week In Nursery

This week Nursery have looked at all the celebrations that have happened throughout the week.

We firstly made pancakes on Tuesday and talked about how pancakes cook. We all had a go of shaking the pancake mix so that it was ready to cook.

We then picked our own healthy toppings for our pancakes.

Today we have looked at Valentines day. We made our own love heart biscuits where we all had a go of stirring the mixture and using the heart cutter to make our biscuits.


Jodrell Bank

Last week we went to Jodrell Bank as part of our topic Space. We researched information about the planets in our solar system and other galaxies. The Lovell Telescope is used to search galaxies for other life forms. It is not a telescope that you look through because it uses radio waves. We took part in workshop about keeping healthy in space as well as trying out equipment the astronauts use on the space station.  Next we learnt how rockets are propelled in to space using fuel.  Our second workshop was about the Mars Rover mission. We worked in teams to make a Mars Rover landing craft. It had to protect its cargo when landing on Mars. To do this our cargo was an EGG. Several of the craft didn’t protect the egg enough and so there was plenty of yolk! However, one team was successful. Maybe these will be spacecraft engineers in the future.


Volcanic Eruptions in Year 3

This afternoon we took our volcanoes outside and simulated an eruption.

First of all we tried 2 tbs or bicarbonate of soda, 1 tbs of washing up liquid and 30ml of vinegar. This wasn’t very successful and Miss Booth’s Volcano didn’t erupt. We then thought about how we could cause a bigger reaction and came up with out own quantities.








Here are some of the results.


We then had a go using coke and mentos. The reaction wasn’t quite as fierce as we had expected. I wonder what we could have differently?



Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week we went out and about in the very cold frosty weather.

We went to find a bridge to act out the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff going over a bridge.

Whilst we were out and about we practiced our number recognition skills from our Maths work.

We looked for numbers on the houses and number plates.

Bridge Building Skills

This week we have improved our bridge building skills following on from our STEM activity last week.

Our next step to develop our construction skills was to understand what a bridge is and how a bridge works.

We looked at pictures of bridges and understood that water can go under the bridge and people or transport over the bridge.

We made a large river across the classroom floor and the children had to make a bridge that went over the water using lego.

Harry Potter Day!

Year 4 enjoyed dressing up as part of the School Council run day.

Watch out for Year 4’s Dragons!

Coming soon for Chinese New Year……

They’re starting to look good. What do you think we should call them?

Careful he doesn’t snack on you!  Red is a lucky colour.

Road Safety Week

This week Nursery have been looking at road safety and how to stay safe on the roads.

The children have learnt that green means go, yellow means slow and red means stop.

We have also worked on our physical development by making traffic light jelly! We used our pouring and stirring skills whilst talking about how the jelly melted.

We also made our very own traffic lights where the children told us what each colour meant.


Year One had a very big shock today when we returned from break time! Sunny the Meerkat was… GONE! We walked into the room to find chairs up-turned, paper and lunch bands thrown across the floor and huge footprints across the room! We then found a letter labelled ‘Year One’, this provided us with the evidence to confirm our suspicions; Sunny had been taken by a jackal!

We received a letter from ‘Mr Jackal’ explaining that he was taking Sunny back to the Kalahari desert. We are pretty sure Sunny didn’t want to go though, so we discussed the rights and wrongs about people making others do things they don’t want to. Mr Jackal’s letter explained that there was only one way to get Sunny back – we had to leave him biscuits and write a letter to him explaining why he should return Sunny!

We then found a map in the classroom, scratched off on the map was the UK. We then located the Kalahari desert in Africa to work out the route Mr Jackal would take to get back there with Sunny. We worked out he would pass through many different countries and made our own route using arrows. We then each took it in turns to located somewhere we had been on holiday, making great use of our map and reading skills.

Year One turned into real detectives and came up with some fantastic solutions! One of the class suggested setting a trap to capture him. Miss Carter has ensured that there are biscuits left for Mr Jackal over the weekend and Year One will begin their letter of reasoning on Monday, for the safe return of Sunny. Wish us luck!



Art Collages

As the children are learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff in Literacy and in Science they are looking at the similarities and differences of different materials.  We thought we would transfer our skills about materials into our Art work by experimenting to create different textures with different materials to produce a collage piece of work.

The children had a piece of card divided into three sections representing the different scenes in the story…

…the children had to decide which material they could use to represent the texture of soil…

…then they had to think about different textures for the river…

…and finally the texture of the ‘fresh green grass’.

Can You Make a Bridge?

On Monday afternoon, Miss Barber set the Reception children a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) challenge.  I asked the children if they could make a bridge to help The Three Billy Goats Gruff cross the river.

To begin the challenge we all looked at lots of different pictures of bridges and then the children were presented with a selection of building materials…tape, card, paper, wooden sticks, straws, cardboard tubes, string, and ribbon.

The children really enjoyed the activity; it really made the children think about what a bridge is and what it has to look like.