Look at what Year One have been doing…

Firstly, I would like to say a huge congratulations to all of Year One! You have made me so proud over the last two weeks with the effort that each and every one of you have put into your learning and the ‘Wriggly Nativity’ :).

Here are a few photographs from some of our lessons and our  reward for being acting and singing superstars – SNOW!

On Friday afternoon, we put all of our learning together and worked in small groups to compete in a class quiz! Each team came up with their own name and took it in turns to be the scribe. They received points for the correct answers and also their ability to work as part of a team. The questions related to our recent maths, phonics and English lessons, as well as spelling high frequency words and numbers in words. The children then swapped boards and marked a different team’s answers to make it fair. The results were tallied up, we counted them in 5s and it was a very close competition! The winning team with 24 points was… the NYC team!


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, hopefully with some snow!! Just a quick note as well, I appear to be missing a few data collection permission forms. If you can’t see your child on the blog and are unsure if you have given permission for them to feature, please call in at the office or see me.




The First of December

Reception celebrated the first day of December on Friday.

The children came into the classroom and Christmas had arrived; with a Christmas Tree, Santa’s Workshop, and Christmas decorations.  It had even snowed!

The children enjoyed exploring the weather of snow and ice:

We came inside to warm up and enjoyed a drink of hot chocolate.

We then learnt about the birds; Robins with this story:

The children then made Robins using a series of circle shapes:

To finish our day we decorated our Christmas trees; inside and outside.


We have wolf poems based on our work on Romulus and Remus.

As dark as the midnight sky, her eyes gleamed,

Exhausted, she lay on the snow covered ground,

By the rushing river, hidden in grass she sat,

Dampening her warm fur, the spray from the river made rainbows,

Although she was hungry, she kept silent and still.

We drew wolf pictures to go with our poems.

A special visitor!

Today, Year 5, were excited to meet Dave Heyhoe. After writing remembrance poems for his dog, Treo, and attaching them to his memorial, Dave wanted to meet the children.  We loved hearing all his stories and how wonderful Treo was. We were told about how he was trained with a tennis ball and a rubber duck, as well how he helped in the war in Afghanistan. Some of us are reading Dave’s book “All about Treo”. It was so interesting to listen to their experiences and how they saved many lives. Treo was honored by receiving the Dickin Medal, which is the highest award any animal can receive whilst serving in the military.

Baking with Mrs Barnes

In Reception this week we have had Mrs Barnes with us in our class to do some baking.

Each group of children made a chocolate cornflake cake.

The children observed the changes of the chocolate when it got hot and melted.

The used their gross motor skills to mix the chocolate and cornflakes together by stirring.

Then the children had to use their hand and eye co ordination to spoon the  mixture into the cases.

Shape Hunt

In Nursery the children have been learning all about the different 2D shapes.  The children went on a shape hunt around the school environment to see which shapes they could find.  The children found lots and lots!


Remembering Treo

The children in Year 5 have written poems in remembrance of Treo 63 DM. Treo was awarded the Dickin Medal (the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross). He saved a huge number of lives by sniffing out explosive devices in Afghanistan.


Learning about different celebrations

This week in Nursery we have been learning about different celebrations and traditions and why we celebrate them.

Bonfire Night

We have made pictures to represent fireworks using paint.

We made pictures using chalk and collage pieces.

Remembrance Day

We have thought about the Poppy symbol and the different colours.

Trekking Tuesday

This week we went on a colour hunt.  We had to be colour detectives and look for the colour red.  We found it in lots of different places around school.