Woodland Wednesday

In Nursery we had a trip to the woodland area. We made sure that we put on our waterproofs and wellies so that we could really explore!


We found a variety of sticks that were all different sizes and collected them all to make a den for next week. We also looked at what colours we could see and discussed that soon it will be Spring.



We then came back to class and made our very own tree using the colours brown and green.

A fantastic start back to school for class 2!

Since we have returned to school after a lovely Christmas break, we have been working our socks off! Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at Leonardo da Vinci. Did you know he was not only an artist but a Scientist, a Sculptor, a Mathematician and an Inventor? We have painted our own versions of Mona Lisa, invented our own parachutes and used digital cameras to take photos of our own Vitruvian Man.


What is an algorithm?

Yesterday in our ICT lesson, we started to learn about algorithms.

We learnt that they are a set of instructions you give to program a computer.

For our first lesson about algorithms, we didn’t program a computer or any other technology though… we programmed each other and Miss Carter!

Firstly, we gave Miss Carter a set of instructions to open the door, it went wrong a few times and we had to try again and give different instructions, it was so much fun!

Then, we worked in pairs to program our friends, giving them algorithms to get to different parts of the classroom. We had to tell them to move forwards, backwards, left, right, how many steps, which way to face and many other instructions.

Year One’s letter from Sunny the Meerkat…

We had a special delivery in Year One… a HUGE letter! We discussed all of the things an envelope needed to have on it and how we knew it was for us. When we opened the envelope, we had a big surprise! Inside it was a letter from Sunny the Meerkat, all the way from the Kalahari desert! He had also sent us a brand new book called ‘Meerkat Mail’ which is our new Talk for Writing text.

Reception Wednesday Welly Walk Number 1

We walked into town on our first Welly Walk today.

We went to the shops in Congleton to buy a calendar as the children have talked about the start of a new year.

The children decided they would like to have a calendar in the classroom to write important dates and events that are coming up.

When we got back to school we wrote all of the children’s birthdays on the calendar.


Back To Nursery!

The children in Nursery have been busy returning back to class after the Christmas break.

We started our week with the new children settling in and talking about our exciting Christmas break.

The children have been focusing on our new topic ‘Going Places’ by looking at different types of vehicles. This week our focus is cars so we have been painting pictures and playing in our very own car wash!

First Week Back in Reception!

The children in Reception have had a very busy first week back after Christmas.

The children started the week, sharing all their Christmas holiday news and telling each other what Father Christmas had brought them.

The children wrote about their favourite Christmas present in their Literacy work and then using ICT skills they drew a picture of it on the I pads and laptops.

Also, we have introduced our new topic to the children….TROLLS AND GIANTS!

The children have started the topic thinking about Trolls and what they look like.  The children all painted a picture of a Troll.

We then thought about which Traditional Tales do we know that has a Troll in……the children thought about The Three Billy Goats Gruff and that is going to be our next story focus in Reception.