Year 4 – World Religions – Passover Meal

The children have been learning about the festival of Passover which the Jewish community celebrate each year. They sit down and eat from the Seder plate which represents the story of Exodus and the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Each of the food represents different parts of the story of Exodus:
Egg – New birth and new start for the Hebrews future.
Charoset – The bricks and mortar which the Hebrews had to build for Pharaoh.
Bitter Herbs – Represent the tears of the slaves.
Lamb Shank Bone – The blood put above the doors to save the first born.
Horseradish – The suffering and the pain of the Hebrews.
Unleavened bread – The bread cooked under the heat of the sun as the Jews escaped Egypt.

The children were given their own Seder plate to try the different foods in our own Passover festival.

Year 4 Art – Neolithic Dragons

Last week Year 4 studied and examined the 7 different styles of art of the Shang Dynasty.

This week the children examined the techniques of Neolithic art. During the time of the Shang the artisans would have used clay and other stone based materials to construct their pieces. However, our class made their designs using salt dough which they were able to mood and manipulate into their chosen shapes. The children were asked which animals held a special place to the Shang and still to this day in modern China and they were able to discuss and examine the noble and mystical dragon. Combining the two the children then began to create their Neolithic Salt dough dragons.

KS2 go to the panto

The children in Key Stage 2 went to the Buxton Opera House to see their production of Cinderella.

They all had a laugh they all joined in and had an amazing time… Oh yes they did.

Thank you to the staff who took the children and to Mrs Isherwood for arranging such an amazing Christmas treat.

Early Years on The Polar Express

On Tuesday we went on the Polar Express Train. It was very exciting waiting for the Polar Express on the platform…

All Aboard… we climbed onto the train and found our seats. We had to get our golden tickets stamped by The Conductor…

We then enjoyed Hot Chocolate and Cookies…

It was very exciting when we went through the tunnel.

Then guess who came on the train…Santa!

We were very tired on the way back home..