Material Hunt in Year 1

Year 1 have been busy learning all about materials. Yesterday we went on a material hunt to see which materials we could find in the outside environment. We then created a tally chart to show our findings and wrote down which material we found the most of and which we found the least of. We compared our findings and found that the most common material is metal and plastic.

Science Week in Year 2

On Monday International Women’s Day, we learnt about female scientists such as Mary Anning and ecologist Dr Margaret Lowman.

On Tuesday we investigated Biomimicry. We looked at inventions linked to birds and flight.

We made moving birds to explore how birds flew.
We tested them out!

Then we made helicopters to investigate how they flew, it was different from a bird as they floated down.

We tried to improve a basic design.

Then we designed and made paper planes. They flew differently too, they glided through the air.

We had a lot of fun improving our paper plane designs!


Wintery Weather

The children learning at home and at school have been exploring wintery weather and the differences between hot and cold.

At school in our outdoor area we have created different opportunities for the children to explore snow and ice.

Xmas Day in Year 6

We started the day making Christmas cards based on Jen Aranyi’s art.

Our classroom has been gingerbread men, so we made lots of decorations.

Rudolph made an appearance and we ran around the playground doing our best reindeer gallops.

Christmas dinner was delicious with gingerbread men as pudding.

The afternoon was filled with whacking a piñata and pass the parcel.

We finished the day with a wonderful box of pressies to share with our family.