Science in Year 1

Year 1 are looking at plants this half term and we have been busy planting cress. We discussed what plants need to live and how we could observe the cress over time. The children then planted their cress seeds and wrote their first observation.

We have also been looking at wild plants that grow. We discussed what this means and then went on a wild plant hunt around the school grounds. The children spotted lots of wild plants on their walk.

Material Hunt in Year 1

Year 1 have been busy learning all about materials. Yesterday we went on a material hunt to see which materials we could find in the outside environment. We then created a tally chart to show our findings and wrote down which material we found the most of and which we found the least of. We compared our findings and found that the most common material is metal and plastic.

Science In Year 1

Year 1 have been looking at the seasons this half term and how the length of the day can change depending on what season we are in. We went on a shadow hunt and then looked at light and day around the world. The children then created their own shadow puppets!

Year 1 Pod

Year 1 have been busy this week investigating dinosaurs. We found an egg in the woods on Tuesday hidden away, wrote diary entries about the egg and today we have made dinosaur poo! We looked at the diets of different dinosaurs and what herbivores, carnivores and omnivores ate. We then made our poo for each diet type.