Science Week in Year 1

This week we have been very busy looking at all things to do with Science. On Monday we got to program all different types of robots and experimented with how to move them and use them. Miss Langford then gave us instructions that we had to follow and we pretended to be a robot ourselves!

This afternoon we have been busy looking at how the state of chocolate can be changed by heating it and how to plan a fair test. We made a list of what we needed to melt the chocolate and what would happen to it. Many of the children predicted that the chocolate would melt when it is over heat! We then put our chocolate into the fridge to see if it would return back to the original state. Whilst waiting for the chocolate to cool down we completed another experiment involving us melting chocolate in our hands! We timed the experiment and measured the chocolate pieces against one another so that the test would be fair. We then had great discussion on which chocolate we thought melted the quickest- milk or white chocolate.

Magnets in Year 1

Yesterday, Year 1 have been busy looking at magnets. We discussed which materials are magnetic and how not every metal is! We then went on a search around the classroom to find which items are magnetic we found lots of things including the table and scissors. Then we had to complete a test to find out how we can get the paperclip out of the cup without getting the magnet wet, this encouraged lots of scientific language in our classroom.

Fitness Friday- Year 1!

Today we completed fitness Friday! We spoke about the importance of staying fit and healthy and how we can do this at home and in school. Ministry of sport set up an obstacle course for us to complete with a mixture of stations. We had one minute to complete the station before we moved on. The obstacle course included star jumps, sit-ups and even weights! We were very tired afterwards.

Talk for Writing

This morning we have been busy changing our current class text ‘Meerkat Mail’, to tell our own journey story. We have each changed the main character and some of us have also changed the setting. When we had finished our story maps, we retold our version of the story to our friends.



The UK

Our new topic is ‘The UK and Far Away’. This week in our Geography lesson, we used different maps and atlases to locate each of the 4 countries of the UK and identify their flags.

Length and Height

This week in maths, we have been working on length and height. We have been using different words to compare the length and height of people and object and also used concrete resources, using both standard and non-standard units of measurement.

Special Delivery…

At the start of the week, Mrs Bennett arrived with a large envelope for Nursery. We opened the envelope to find a letter from a meerkat called Sunny… all the way from the Kalahari desert! Sunny sent a copy of ‘Meerkat Mail’ with his note, for us to learn all about his adventures in our new English focus text.

St George’s Day

Our new topic is ‘The UK and Far Away’. As part of this topic, we will be learning about all of the countries in the UK. To celebrate St George’s Day today, we learnt about the story of St George and the dragon and how he sailed the seas to defeat a dragon and save a princess.

In small groups, we acted out the story. We each took on a different role and shared the story with the class. There were some very dramatic performances… great work Year One :).