Year 1 Pumpkin!

Year 1 had a great time creating a spaceship from the pumpkin that we received from the allotment!

We looked at the spaceship in our story ‘Toys in Space’ and created the features of a spaceship from cardboard and tin foil.

DT Day in Year 1

On Wednesday Year 1 had a DT day learning all about moving pictures. We started our day by looking at books that moved.

We then looked at different mechanisms and created a sliding picture of the gingerbread man. The children had to work on their cutting, sticking and joining skills to create the picture.

We then looked at how to create a lever to make a moving picture from the story Jack and the beanstalk. We used split-pins to create the pivot and joined the lever to the beanstalk.

Football in Year 1!

Yesterday the children could come into school in the colours red, white and blue to support the England team.

In our PE lesson we then concentrated on the skills you need to play a game of football. We worked on our dribbling skills, shooting skills and our passing skills.

Labelling A Plant

This half term Year 1 have been learning all about plants. Yesterday we looked at a flower in detail and talked about the different parts of a flower. We labelled a diagram and then printed a picture of a flower using the different parts of the plant. At the end of the session the children could confidently tell me each part of the plant and what it does.

Science in Year 1

Year 1 are looking at plants this half term and we have been busy planting cress. We discussed what plants need to live and how we could observe the cress over time. The children then planted their cress seeds and wrote their first observation.

We have also been looking at wild plants that grow. We discussed what this means and then went on a wild plant hunt around the school grounds. The children spotted lots of wild plants on their walk.

Material Hunt in Year 1

Year 1 have been busy learning all about materials. Yesterday we went on a material hunt to see which materials we could find in the outside environment. We then created a tally chart to show our findings and wrote down which material we found the most of and which we found the least of. We compared our findings and found that the most common material is metal and plastic.