Science Week in Year 1

Today Year 1 looked at what the word ‘Growing’ means. We decided that it meant when something gets bigger. We then looked at how worms help our plants and vegetables to grow. The children learnt that the worms produce worm castings which help to feed the plants. We then looked at the three different types of worm: Earth workers, Deep Burrowers and Surface Dwellers.

The children went to explore the allotment area to find the different types of worms. We were very successful.

Crash Landing!

Yesterday the children came into school to find that something very exciting had happened over the weekend!

Aliens had crash landed in the quad.

The children worked through a variety of activities to correctly order a letter the aliens had sent us, drawing what the aliens looked like and a presentation to convince the aliens to stay on our planet. We used our problem solving, creativity, speaking, listening, staying positive, teamwork and leadership skills to help us with the problems.

Magnets in Year 1

Yesterday in Year 1 the children looked at which materials attracted magnets. We started the lesson by exploring materials within the classroom.

The children then explored the materials in the outside area and discussed which materials attract the magnet.

The children descovered that the material that attracted magnets was metal. The children then had to use their problem solving skills to get a paper clip out of a paper cup without getting their fingers wet using a magnet. They completed the task in record time!

The next day one of the children very kindly brought a magnetic game into school. The children worked together to assemble the game and then played the game in groups.

Internet Safety Assembly

This morning Year 1 and Foundation stage came together to discuss their work on internet safety this week. We started the assembly with a story about Digiduck and we spoke about how we can stay safe online.

The children in Year 1 then shared their internet safety booklets.

The children then sang a song that they had learnt this week on how to stay safe online.

Fruit Salad From Around the World

Class 1 made a fruit salad with fruits from around the world. The children firstly designed their own fruit salad. They then wrote a shopping list for all the fruits that they would need and which country those fruits have come from.

The children then used their cutting and peeling skills to create their fruit salad.

Year 1 then tasted their fruit salad and we discussed if they enjoyed it or not. The children then wrote their opinions down explaining if they liked it or not and why.