So Year 5 2015-16 is completed and I can’t believe I’ve finished my first year at Marlfields.  We’ve had some amazing experiences and worked hard. I am so proud of you all. You are an amazing group of children and I’m so excited and privileged to be teaching you again next year. Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts, cards and wishes. I promise I’m not crying reading them all! Have a fabulous holiday!

Mrs P



Sports Day

On Thursday 7th July, Marlfields Primary Academy had their Sports Day. Key Stage 1 did theirs in the morning and Key Stage 2 in the afternoon. Everyone had a great time and some of the races were very close! We would like to thank Multiflex for their commitment and help to make sports more accessible to us.


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Year 5’s Enterprise Week

During our Enterprise week, we asked children to choose which football team they thought would win the Euro 2016 tournament. They could also buy a raffle ticket to win a Euro 2016 football. Children decorated gingerbread men in their favourite football team’s strip and we also made different flavoured slushies. We’ve had a great week and made quite a bit of money.


Empty Classroom Day – Geocaching

On Friday, Year 5 went geocaching around Astbury Mere. We used the geocaching app to find the approximate location. Then using the clues, we hunted high and low for the caches. Mrs Perry became a real expert at finding them. One highlight was meeting a mummy duck and her ducklings. We had a great morning and several of us are keen to go geocaching with our parents.

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The last day of the experiment.

Our final day has arrived! We were required to count how many plants were alive. There were 22 plants from the red packet seeds and 29 blue packet plants still alive. We have looked at all the data we have collected and there doesn’t seem to be a clear distinction between the two sets of plants. We’re now excited about finding out the results!

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A musical morning!

This morning all the KS2 children were invited to Congleton Town Hall to be entertained by the Harvestehude Symphony Orchestra, from Hamburg. Their conductor, Hanish Shankar, introduced us to all the different sections and instruments in the orchestra. Millie and Geordan were surprised when they played happy birthday to them. We were able to ask the musicians questions and even some of us had a try at conducting. Apparently, the most important part of conducting is schussing your hair! The orchestra played a 15 minute piece by Brahms. It was a great experience.

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Day 28 of the Rocket Seeds life!

Today’s instructions were to find the average number of leaves for each tray. We started by randomly selecting 5 plants in each tray then counting the leaves on each plant. Next we had to add up the number of leaves and divide by 5 to find the average number. Red 1 had 4.6 leaves, Red 2 3.75 leaves, Red 3 4.3 and Red 4 had 3.2 leaves. The blue rocket leaves have slightly more leaves with Blue 1 having 4.6 leaves, Blue 2 3.8, Blue 3 3.6 and finally Blue 4 had 4.25 leaves. Mrs Pearce is slightly concerned that her “not so green fingers” are having an effect on the growth of the rocket seeds. Mrs Camp has brought in more seeds, so that we can grow another batch to test if it is Mrs Pearce’s lack of gardening skills!

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Day 21 – Measuring the rocket

Today’s instructions were to measure the tallest plant in each of the trays. Our results were: R1 – 57mm, R2 – 62mm, R3 – 40mm and R4 – 85mm, B1 – 71mm, B2 – 81mm, B3 – 82mm and B4 – 85mm. Some of us thought that the Blue seeds are those that were on the ISS because they are growing much better. There is now definitely a difference between the two different packets of seeds.

IMG_0844 IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0849

Space seeds

On Monday we went to water the space seeds and we noticed that 13 red seeds and 13 blue seeds had germanated. We were all amazed. The 26 space seeds that have germanated had 2 leaves each. We still have no idea which ones are from the ISS.

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