A day with Robo

This morning, my class (class 6) took part in assembling a robot with Karol Langer (a robot designer). We all enjoyed it and we were all grateful that we received the opportunity
To start with, we were divided into groups of three. My group was me Lily and Ella-Everyone worked together and created a working moving robot. It was very fun.
First, we used the motors (like the legs) to construct a stable base. My group used connectors pins and beams (part of the set) with the motors so it looked amazing.
After this, we added the controller (like the brain) and the sensor (it made the robot turn away from obstacles) the machine would work. The final step is to build the robot is to decorate it. My group and several others added wings.
Finally, we tested them out and had a race. Some of us had to adjust a couple of things like the direction of the sensor.

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