Learning about our Senses!

Yesterday in Science we have been finding out about the different senses and what we use each sense for.

We began our investigation by looking at our faces and the different parts of our face.

The first sense we learnt about was our sense of sight.  We used mirrors to look at our faces.

We then moved onto our sense of hearing.   We listened to different noises.

We then learnt about our sense of smell.  We had to smell different mystery smells and guess what they were.  One was coffee, one was curry, and one was nutmeg.

We then found out about the sense of taste.  We had to be really brave and taste the different mystery foods; one was lemon juice, one was blackcurrants, one was sweet and sour and the final one was salt and vinegar.

The final sense we learnt about was the sense of touch.  We had to describe the different textures of different objects.

Overall, we concluding our learning by labeling the different senses.


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