Making a stick house…

Yesterday, we went to the woods to build the second pig a house made out of sticks. But, the pesky wolf had been around looking for the pig! So we followed his footprints up to the woods, where he was fast asleep and snoring in the swan! We tiptoed past him and luckily, our friend Woody was looking after the pig in his tent.

Woody had chopped us some sticks ready for us to build a stick house for the pig. We worked in small groups and talked about what houses need and then off to work we went. We made two stick houses with doors, windows and chimneys. 

When we tiptoed back through the woods, the wolf has disappeared! We had no idea where he was and then… This morning, Mrs Isherwood received a letter for Nursery from the wolf! He had made us a cake for being good friends and we shared it between us all! 

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