Year One had a very big shock today when we returned from break time! Sunny the Meerkat was… GONE! We walked into the room to find chairs up-turned, paper and lunch bands thrown across the floor and huge footprints across the room! We then found a letter labelled ‘Year One’, this provided us with the evidence to confirm our suspicions; Sunny had been taken by a jackal!

We received a letter from ‘Mr Jackal’ explaining that he was taking Sunny back to the Kalahari desert. We are pretty sure Sunny didn’t want to go though, so we discussed the rights and wrongs about people making others do things they don’t want to. Mr Jackal’s letter explained that there was only one way to get Sunny back – we had to leave him biscuits and write a letter to him explaining why he should return Sunny!

We then found a map in the classroom, scratched off on the map was the UK. We then located the Kalahari desert in Africa to work out the route Mr Jackal would take to get back there with Sunny. We worked out he would pass through many different countries and made our own route using arrows. We then each took it in turns to located somewhere we had been on holiday, making great use of our map and reading skills.

Year One turned into real detectives and came up with some fantastic solutions! One of the class suggested setting a trap to capture him. Miss Carter has ensured that there are biscuits left for Mr Jackal over the weekend and Year One will begin their letter of reasoning on Monday, for the safe return of Sunny. Wish us luck!



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