Our fantastic trip to Tatter’s village!


DSC02398Year 5 had a fabulous time at Tatton Park, learning all about Tatter’s daily life back in the Anglo-Saxon’s times. We tried different helmets on and learnt about which were best in battles.


We ground wheat into flour using rocks as well as using a quern. This was then mixed with lard, water and a pinch of salt to make dough. After rolling the dough in to balls, we then flattened it to be cooked on a fire.


We all made clay pots and used the runic alphabet to scribe our names in the pots.


Do you know that cow horns had lots of uses during Anglo-Saxon times? They could be a drinking vessel and a sort of microphone.


We also were fascinated by how important deer were to the Anglo-Saxons. They would use their hide to make tunics and boots. They would use their antlers for weapons and tools. We learnt how to tell the age of a deer by its antlers and when a deer becomes a royal stag.


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