Reception’s Healthy Week

This week Reception Class are having a health and well being week.

Today, the children started their learning with a visit from Dentist Playbox.  The children learnt how to look after their teeth, how to brush their teeth properly, how long  to brush their teeth for, why it is important to go to the Dentist and which foods are good for our teeth.

Throughout the week, we have also been learning about healthy food in our Food Technology sessions with Mrs Barnes.  We have been using our fine motor skills – chopping and peeling to create different fruit and vegetable sea themed animals and creatures.  The children have also enjoyed sharing their creations with the other children at snack time and trying different fruit and vegetables.

Still to come…on Friday Reception are taking part in a Fizzy Tots Sports Festival Afternoon at Havannah Primary School to keep their bodies healthy by taking part in a sporting event.

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