School councillor

Hi my name is Robyn. 

As I am now a school councillor, I am going to put my heart into everything I do. My first idea is to have a trampoline room, for every Monday morning and Thursday afternoon and then on Friday! My second idea is to have more science equipment like, sieves and stuff like that. I think we should do activities, but still learn about the work. I really want to make this school a better place now I’m a school councillor. 


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8 thoughts on “School councillor

  1. i have a idea that i think we should have a zip wire for the field because it is a bit blank and there is nothing to play so i think we should have a zip wire.i think that the zipwire should be orginised so each class has a turn each day.
    hope you like my idea

    • Yes an amazing idea amber that would be so much fun!!!!
      we should defiantly organize it so each class has a turn every day, and Miss Camp is in charge of it or she chooses some sensible year sixes to control it but where should it be to??
      I was thinking from the field to the patch near the container but that was my idea
      if you think it is really good then could you reply a.s.a.p
      hope you enjoyed my idea

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