World Book Day

Today we came in dressed as characters from our favourite books or in our PJs! We had a bit of a different day, we split up into 3 groups, with team ladybird, mermaid and snail – from Miss Carter, Miss Frowen and Mrs Latham’s book choices. Over the course of the day, we have battled it out in our handwriting, English, maths  and art lessons for points, based on who has completed the most impressive work. We also gained points for good listening, sitting, behaviour, kindness and answering questions.

In our groups we had our own circle time, where the book for each team was shared. We then went round our groups and told our friends our favourite books and why, writing it down as we went. Some of our group members even read part of their favourite book to the rest of their teams!


In our math lesson, we had a slight problem! There weren’t enough books to go around. We had to work out how many books we were short each time, using our knowledge of subtracting tens and ones.

This afternoon, each team worked collaboratively to create a giant version of their book front cover. They are works in progress as you can see (we had to squeeze PE in too!) But, watch this space for the finished products…

008 014 016 017 001 (3)

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