Year 4 Science – Solids and Liquids

Today Year 4 have started their new topic of ‘States of Matter’.
We began by asking ourselves how can organise different items.

The children were given a tray with a variety of different objects including: flour, salt, oil, food colouring, playdough, etc. The children then had a number of discussions about how they could organise their objects. Some groups decided to sort them by colour, some by the thickness of the items, some by if the items were edible or not. After further discussions about the different objects the children then decided that they could be categorised by solids and liquids.

The children then debated which of the items they were given were in which state, solid or liquid. The end of our lesson the children then formed themselves into solid particles, showing how they can keep their shape and into liquid particles which have the ability to move and take the shape of their container.

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