Year 4 – World Religions – Passover Meal

The children have been learning about the festival of Passover which the Jewish community celebrate each year. They sit down and eat from the Seder plate which represents the story of Exodus and the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Each of the food represents different parts of the story of Exodus:
Egg – New birth and new start for the Hebrews future.
Charoset – The bricks and mortar which the Hebrews had to build for Pharaoh.
Bitter Herbs – Represent the tears of the slaves.
Lamb Shank Bone – The blood put above the doors to save the first born.
Horseradish – The suffering and the pain of the Hebrews.
Unleavened bread – The bread cooked under the heat of the sun as the Jews escaped Egypt.

The children were given their own Seder plate to try the different foods in our own Passover festival.

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